Prep list for a first timer basically

Here is where we are … I’m looking at close to 20% trichome amber to cloudy… as much as I’m like I can go 2 weeks I’m curious as to wether I should just go 1 week??? Anyhow I know they are still throwing white pistols but I think it’s because they are so close to the top of my tent and the lights … I could be wrong, it’s only my 2nd grow … I am disappointed in myself for not being more careful this go round… Don’t know that being more on the ball would have resulted in better grows but I do think paying a bit more attention than I did this run would be advisable for me :slight_smile: anyhow here’s pix


Did you mean one gallon on your plant a day how big is the plant where do you live

So I have finally cut everything down. Things are drying, curing, or jarred up so now the tent moves into food grow for a while. Our outside garden got ravaged by beetles and bunnies so we are going to take a crack at indoor growing through the winter.
Personally I’d love fresh lettuce and some beans, squash… just whatever we can manage to grow in the 5x5 and I know those lights can grow just about anything

Pics of drying purple haze

Still needs some dry trimming but it’s a nice small yield

I pulled 7z off the bubba kush and close to 15z off the wedding cake recently how do you all manage all this dank ??? Lol


Cograts. Awesome. Outmotherfreakingstanding :+1:t2: :v:t2:

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@repins12 dude thank you for being so helpful whenever you chose to chime in. Absolutely appreciated!!! Same can be said to @GreenJewels @MrPeat @Gardenguy @Enlightened420 Black thumb Betty!!! Y’all are awesome so much thanks and love!!


I try not to muddy the waters when others have got you covered, my friend :v:t2:


Last update for a bit, I put a plant in the garden months ago ( I’d swear it was dying or just doing really poorly and I didn’t know why ) so anyhow it sat through the summer heat and got watered , I figured if it died I should probably stick to indoor … I mean thanks to you all I don’t know what t f to think about the abundance I feel like I accidentally ended up with lol. So this little gold leaf has been sitting outside dealing with the elements, I’d check on it here and there… she’s stubby not more than 16-20 in y’all and not very bushy even. I waited and watched and never saw flowers and thought maybe because she was in a 12/12 tent for the first while I might have ruined her all together… weird … she never got bigger but she didn’t die.
Yesterday I was pulling the larger weeds and now defunct and dead stuff out of our garden ( so much zucchini and squash was given unto us!!! It was great ) and got to the area where Goldie is … I bent down to see if I should pull her out … low and behold flowers … nothing big, but lots of tiny buds … they are super young looking and I have no god damn idea when they’ll be ready, I seriously haven’t kept track of this one I just let it go … so I’m on final watch … winter is coming … her watch will end … she will be remembered in the glorious fire of thanks and appreciation … who knows when that will happen lol