Premature orange hairs


I posted earlier this year about germinating seeds. Everyone was very helpful, thank you!

I had another question. I’ve been having a challenging case of WPM on my Skywalker OG, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner plants. I used the mixture recommended by Robert on this site. 1 tbsp baking soda, 2 tbsp of vegetable oil, 1 tbsp of liquid hand soap, and a gallon of filtered water. It did work well overall, but I sprayed my plants deep into flowering. I managed to avoid most the buds directly, but the mist did seem to hit some of the buds. They aren’t damp at all and everything looks good except some of the hairs are all orange now instead of the white with a hint of orange they previously were. I did spray during the day as I wanted the plant to dry out since I didn’t want to increase the chances of excess moisture.

Looking back I won’t risk spraying the buds anymore, but I need to figure out a better way to prevent this WPM. Maybe smaller grow bags? Use the spray I made during the veg stages as a preventative measure? I’m running 4x 25 gallons grow pots and I don’t get a lot of direct sunlight this time of year and I’m forced to put a lot of the plants close to each other. I may reduce the size of the grow bags down to 10-15 gallons and go for smaller plants. This may make it easier to manage until I get a bigger backyard.

Is the sudden orange hair change something I should be concerned about? Any advice would be appreciated. Hope I didn’t hurt my harvest or quality too much. Thanks in advance!


Do you have any photos?

You bet. Here is the comparison of one bud that got sprayed a bit and one that did not.


Not the expert here, maybe @Covertgrower or @kabongster could help. I think it can happen by incorrect watering, spraying, or high temps… just a guess because I’m new to this. Is it just that one cola or are all of them doing it?


I just re-read your post. So it does appear to just be the ones that got sprayed. so that might be it.


Yea I shouldn’t have sprayed them this late into flowering. That being said I’m optimistic that it won’t affect the bud too much. I’m not sure what I should have done as an organic treatment this late into flowering. I get it every year, the WPM. Doesn’t matter the quality of seeds I use.

I do the Jorge Cervantes HP water bath after I take the plant down. Helps kill and clean anything off the plant that could be mildew related.


Dilute H202 sprayed periodically during flower will eliminate WPM. Doing a bud wash is a wise idea.


Thanks for your response. I do think a big reason I get WPM is the lack of sunlight I get this time of year. I won’t always live where I do, so I think when I get a backyard with full sun, I’ll be able to maximize both my grow and preventing WPM.

Getting some fans for the outside, doing a pretreatment prior to flowering, using your method of H202 sparingly during flowering, and using smaller grow bags so I can space them out more are all adjustments I plan on making for next season.

My experience with wpm is if you’ve gotten it once you are prone to getting it in the future. It’s likely endemic to your region. I lived on the Central Coast with moderate temps and often high humidity so treating for it is necessary.

I would try like 2 or 3 tablespoons of 3% in a quart atomizer and douche the plant down such that it has a chance to dry out before dark. You can spray up to full strength but it will burn the leaf edges and make the plant look kind of scruffy.

I think every grower should have peroxide on hand for dealing with weed growing problems.


Yea living in the Portland, Oregon area will certainly give you humidity this time of year. I think if I pretreat more next year and get smaller grow bags, that can help some. Won’t be significantly easier until I have a backyard with better full sun this time of year.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. If I want to be really conservative with it would you say do 1-1.5 tablespoons of the 3%?

Sure. Although 3 is pretty dilute.

I think I’m going to try and ramp it up. I’ll try 2 tablespoons of 3% in a quart of water.

Just out of curiosity, what is your definition of full strength?

Straight 3% if full strength. I don’t generally buy in higher concentrations unless running hydro.

Thanks for the info. I decided to do three tablespoons of h2o2 into a quart of water for spray. I also pruned out some leaves from each plant to air them out more. I’m going to have 70+ degree weather with sun for the next 9 days which is great. I’m noticing my Skywalker plant has some compact soil right now compared to the others. Water is running out the sides of the Skywalker fabric pot more than I’m used to, but weighs less than the other fabric pots (this is why I believe the fabric pot is too compact for whatever reason).

Tomorrow I’m going to water the plants with some h202 water to help them further which should air out the soil. I think I need to water slower to help the Skywalker plant absorb the water more. I will also spray the water into a bucket with a nozzle instead of just directly pour it in with the hose. I usually use a bucket and gently pour on the base of the plants.

This is a good learning experience for me as a grower. I’m glad we are talking about this.