Premature Browning Pistils?

That there is my weakest plant on week 3 or 4 and am concerned my over pruning (couple weeks back) has did her in. Her pistils are about the size of a nickel, the rest are at about a quarter size at the moment. And she seems to be a little brittle and shriveled compared to the other robust and outward growth of the others. I did just upgrade the lighting so hoping that’ll revive her, should I give her another week or so or just lay her to rest? This plant has the least amount of leaves compared to the others, It’s in full flower, no more growth expected. Hit it with a bump of Nitrogen? Or blast it with some phos and potassium?

How long has it been in flower?

Can you show the whole plant?

Is this an auto or photo?

Others will need this to help.

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Been in flower 3-4 weeks, lets say 3.5 weeks. Femininized (photo) grow in soil.

Healthier buds look like this guy…

The shriveled up plant/pistils is this one…

top to bottom shot…

I don’t see anything wrong. Let her grow…


Like @oldmarine said let her grow you might be surprised with her.


That was going to be my response as well. I’m only a couple weeks ahead of you on one plant and mine that are just a week older look around the same.

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thanks fellows… :+1:

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Here’s one of my plants closest to the age of that one.


Well …you guys were right … they’re getting plump… stoked.