Pregnancy/fetus and cannibas


@rodri59 i hope your daughter gets threw her pregnancy with as little pain as possible
My only concern is the legal issues that my arise if she decides to use our beloved plant ?
Best wishes CB


I don’t know the true medical terms or case studies but what I do personally know is both of my daughters were carried while the mom smoked mj and they are fine, I hone stay know of a ton of people who smoked pot while pregnant and none of them had any ill effects


I also know some hospitals test the fetus and if drugs are found they call in cps


That’s my biggest concern after I did some research last night also. :+1: To date I can’t find any definitive or unbiased research about this.


There was - I saw it too. All I saw was that it said that cannabis use is up among pregnant women. I didn’t dig into it cuz I’m not a pregnant woman. :slight_smile: But now I wish I had paid more attention!


@Sirsmokes omg that is something I didn’t think about, but it makes sense. I wonder if they test all newborns or just ones who might come from a sketchy background…hmmmm defo something to keep in mind, thanks for bringing it up.

I was reading one, what appeared to be, valid research paper about it which indicated that babies who are born to women who used MJ suffered through low birth weight and premature births. Then another one which contradicted that research as not valid since the original research failed to mention that many of the women giving birth to low weight babies and going into early labor also smoked cigarettes. sigh.

Yeah I saw some of those news stories about pregnant women using mj more. I had read an article that mentioned many pg women are using it to help alleviate morning sickness, which I can really get behind. I had morning sickness 24/7 for about 4 months with each of my kids. My daughter has been lucky and escaped that curse.

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My honest opinion is mj has no real I’ll effects both of my daughters turned out exceptionally well very smart no effects that I’m aware of


They were both premature but I attribute that to smoking cigarettes


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I dont know where you are , but here in Ca they cant do nothing with the baby without mother agreeing with it…
My wife was fully in charge once we arrived…
Do not let them cut the umbilical cord for at least an hour, also do not let them bathe the baby right away…all the slime contains valuable natural mothers antibiotics…
There is NO testing for thc unles there are some major problems creating big red flags…


I can’t speak for any studies but my wife smoked regularly with my youngest. She is the youngest in her 2nd grade class and ahead of all the older kids in her class (per teacher).


This is not pro or con, it’s just fact.

My daughters were born in 85 and 88 respectively.

Their mother and I were chronic users and growers.

Their mother micro dosed throughout both pregnancies for nausea relief (and because we believed it would have no harm).

We had the Dr spock book, that is all.

My daughters were and are fine. Graduate degree’s, good jobs, family. Neither daughter uses weed that I know of.

Good mind and body health overall since birth.


**Micro dosing here = tiny bongs with the goal of not coughing, several times (every 2-3 hrs) a day!


@rodri59 I recently saw a cannabis oriented tv show related to just this thing. There were a group of mothers that micro dosed throughout their pregnancy to help with morning sickness and other ailments. All were born healthy, and healthy weights.
The negative. Some were on Medicaid with out insurance or in a low income bracket some children were taken away as if they were a crack baby recovering because cannabis was found in their blood. They had to prove they were a good mom, and they had house inspections. This was the extreme end, and it didn’t seem the normal occurrences. It’s just something that happened, and I think you should be aware of it.
My suggestion is to micro dose until late term, then maybe stop all together. If Medicaid is not involved, and she has personal insurance through her employer, It seemed that nobody tested.


Thanks for weighing in @Covertgrower :heart:

No Medicaid, employer provided insurance. We have talked more about it and she is not willing to take the chance of somehow, someway the baby being testing and coming up with mj in its system, so I think we have taken that off the table. She said she slept better last night, but I have a feeling the pain is not going to subside and might get worse, so we might revisit this. For now she is going to just tough it out and talk to her OB about it in Feb. :+1:


All out of likes @rodri59 but I’ve missed you being around. Hope all is well.


She should try to see her ob sooner than that; the ob should be able to suggest stretches or positions that can offer relief. Or maybe a physical therapist? Sounds like it could be the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic care might help. Or maybe yoga?
I hope she’s able to find some relief.


Sorry ma’am for the pain your daughter is going through. But, I must commend your courage to raise this issue herein. However, I strongly advise that see a medical doctor because a doctor is the only one who can give pure medical advice and diagnosis and proffer solutions.