Pregnancy/fetus and cannibas


Hey everyone. I have a question for those who might be knowledgeable in medical matters and weed.

So as you may or may not know, my daughter is pregnant with my first grandchild. She is a small woman, very thin and is having issues with pelvic pain. I am attributing this to her growing uterus and her body trying to accommodate her growing belly and baby. She is nearly 5 months along.

She said that the pain is radiating from her hip/lower back area down her legs a bit. She has never had a weight problem so her body is not used to carrying anything but a very slender frame. She has gained about 12lbs now and it is all in her belly.

Anyway, she is suffering with sleeplessness due to this pain. The pain itself is not the real issue - she has a pretty high pain tolerance, the real issue is losing sleep due to the pain. She told me that she just can’t get comfortable in bed and tosses and turns for hours. Once she falls asleep, she sleeps pretty well. She uses a little bit of melatonin and takes a small dose of acetaminophen approved by her doctor. But it is not really helping much to get her to sleep.

So my question to @FreakyDeekie @AnneBonny @bob31 and anyone else who might be able to contribute…does anyone know what the effects of cannabis on a fetus are? Or does anyone know any research that you can point me to to read up on it? Maybe CBD oil is the way to go…

Hope someone will chime in :slight_smile: TIA!


@rodri59 that is a very good question,sorry she’s having so much trouble…
this is my opinion…cbd oil would be way better than any pain meds/pills for sure…


Don’t laugh but IF you can find her a heated water bed (okay I’m out of date :grimacing:) but it will help. Had a friend just like your daughter years ago and after she slept in one all her pain subsided. I’m thinking about a CBD salve or tincture for her :thinking:


Sounds like it’s a combination of enemies used together. Obviously the women in this site and others would be a wealth of info even non cannabis related.


@rodri59 I am no where near qualified to offer an opinion on this. I suggest you reach out to Corrine Tobias who runs the website Wake & Bake. I think she micro dosed while pregnant but am not positive… She has done quite a bit of research and I believe is very good at getting back to people who reach out to her. Good luck.

I was similar with carrying my kids and had hip and back pain. My mother used to tell me I looked like an olive on a toothpick because I was skinny and all belly. Thinking back we had a water bed at the time so @SmoknGranny may be on to something.


@BIGE…exactly. She is not comfortable taking even the acetaminophen. And I am sure she would just tough it out rather than go to anything stronger, but CBD…she is willing to look into this as an alternative. I would insist that she vape and ONLY on nights she is really having issues with sleeplessness. But, yeah I am with you, CBD is much preferred over pain meds…


Not laughing @SmoknGranny!! Never! You might be on to something with the waterbed…might have to look into that. My experience with a waterbed is not good, however. I had one for a few years and my back suffered :frowning:


Thanks @AnneBonny even research helps. I will reach out to Corrine and see if she will favor me with her knowledge! Thanks for your help!

I have a feeling daughter will also look like an olive lol. For now though, she looks awfully cute as a pregnant lady :blush:


I know my friend said she would never have made it if not for getting that bed but we did have it on a platform so she could get up :grimacing:


OMG Amazon has them :star_struck:

The 70’s have never died :smirk:


I have no medical knowledge on this but do have personal knowledge/experience. When I was pregnant with my son (now 22 years old) my sister had a friend who I thought was a nurse and she assured me it was very safe to smoke while pregnant… so I did. My son was born healthy at full term (9lb 4oz) and showed no signs of developmental delay. I later learned that the friend worked AT the hospital but not in a medical capacity (she was an accountant)
When my son was 2yo, I quit smoking for 10 years because I really needed to quit drinking and ‘friends of bill w’ insisted that all substances must be discontinued (another story). When I resumed mj use, my teenage son had already ‘expirimented’ so I wouldn’t say my use led to his (some do tho)

I don’t want to seem like I’m encouraging or endorsing pregnant women to use but did want to share my experience. I have no idea if there have been studies on this and I’m sure there could be different results for different women/babies; but my son is super smart and very motivated (and no longer smoking due to his choice of job). He did struggle with school and had a very low gpa but I think it was because he was bored with the teaching methods used. He had high scores on his college placement tests.


Thank you for your input @GreenThunder. That helps a lot :slight_smile: I told daughter that sometimes you have to weigh the outcomes.

For instance; is it worse to subject your baby to a little cannabis, or worse to suffer through sleepless nights. That is the question.


I can say this, my wife had similar issues and what was good relief for her was to go in a pool or suspend the weight in water… I know this might not be feasible or realistic for some
But it helped with relief… just floating in water. As far as using cannabis while pregnant, I would refrain from this… don’t know if there is enough research to say yeah or nay… imho @rodri59


That’s a good way to consider it.
I forgot to add that I did not drink while pregnant due to the evidence that’s proven it can be detrimental to the fetus. I’m not aware of any similar studies on THC or CBD effects on fetuses. I don’t know if I would have continued to smoke if I hadn’t had what I thought was a medical opinion but I think I would have anyway.


@Zombo Yes seems to be the case. As one researcher said “It is hard to find pregnant women who are willing to subject themselves and their babies to this type of research.”

There has been some research done, but it appears some of it was funded by big pharm who we all know would prefer we don’t discover how beneficial cannabis can be. But, I am still looking for more research.


We just had our last child, my wife was in quite pain last tremester ( not youngest anymore :wink::wink::wink:), she tried topical lotion ( mostly CBD, but you gotta have at least trace THC for CBD to work its magic) it worket like a magic…
Just saying what we did, there was no psychoactive effect, but the pain got much much easier…
Good luck !


Aw bless your wife @Ragnar. So glad to hear it helped. Maybe CBD topical is the best for this. Now to figure out how and where to order it from…


If you look deep enough, you can find it online, Iam sure…


I see what you did there, haha!

I honestly feel like there was just something about this on the news tonight. Wgn Chicago maybe. I wasn’t paying much attention, we were visiting an in-law in hospital and it was on in the background. Maybe be worth checking out.


How about topical cbd oil?

@rodri59, speaking for everyone here, WE MISS YOU AND YOUR SHARP PEN!