Preflowers- please help I’m worried I might have a hermie

I have 2 NL from ILGM and I’m in my 2nd week of flowering and I noticed that the preflowers are not showing any pistils yet but are starting to look more and more like fan leaves. Is this normal? If not what am I doing wrong?

Do u have any pics?

I can take some but I’m not sure how to upload them on here I’m a newbie

When u hit reply look in the lower right corner. The arrow is for uploads

I don’t see any sign of sex yet. Just new growth. She looks healthy

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Looks like one of your leaves was in the soil as well. Careful to not have them laying in the soil they will get burned like your bottom one

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I found that out the hard way I accidentally hit one of those leaves with nuted water :man_facepalming:t4: Here’s my other one…she was having a hard time at first but seems to be coming along ok now

I guess my other question then is if it’s just new growth, should I leave them on 12/12?

Welcome to ILGM. These plants are much too young to be flowering. I would give them 18/6. Let them grow a bit. They are healthy, getting nutes on the leaves is totally common too.


They are on 12/12? How long have they been?

Nvmd I see 2 weeks. U haven’t gotten past transition. U need to flip them back unless u want really small plants.

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Overwatering and you need to put them on a 18 lights on and 6 lights off light schedule … to get them in vegg mode…
Download the free grow bible please… :wink:


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You can definitely grow 12/12. People usually plant a bunch of plants and grow 12/12 from start. It’s called a SOG or Sea Of Green. This kind of growing keeps plants small and ensures that they will pump out a quick harvest. It tries to get as many plant from veg to flower as quick as possible. But there is really no point in doing it with just a couple plants. That would kill yield.

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Yea I kinda figured I overwatered in the beginning but I did veg for 4weeks, so basically just stay 18/6 until I see pistils then flip to 12/12 even though these are northern lights which I thought grew smaller anyway??

No no no , this is the timing misunderstanding amongst first timers, even myself. It takes 3-4 weeks for a sprout to go into pre-veg. You cannot count the first month of growth at germination. I found this out when my plants only hit 17-22 inches in height. You should count 1st month once you see that third or forth tier of BRANCHING


NL is an indica dominant strain. Very hardy and a great strain for new growers due to being very forgiving. Timelines are subjective. You can veg as long as you want to but the “number of days” you see generally refers to the time from appearance of the pre buds during stretch to harvest day.

Figure it like this:

7-10 days from germination to sprout
3 - 4 weeks in pre veg mode (until there are multiple nodes with three-fingered leaves)
30 - 60 days min plus what ever you want for veg
60 - 72 days flowering

Those are real ballpark figures but will give a general idea. You can harvest in usually 4 to 6 months from seed. Hydro goes faster but not my area.


@Stomper would I be right to assume that these are white pistils??

It’s really hard to see in this pic. Did you increase the light hours yet? After a plant is at least 30 days old it can start showing sign of sex. Females will put out a bulb with two white hairs while males will put out bulbs that look like beans with no hairs. I see neither here yet.

I did flip them back to 18/6 andthey nearly double in size as you can see from the pics