Preflowers maybe

Good afternoon my question is I am a new beginner at growing marijuana I have one plant which was given to me about 2 feet tall when it was given to me it is now approximately 10 feet tall not very bushy but looks very healthy I think it might be pretty boring but I’m not sure take a look at the plant and pictures let me know what you think about the free flowers and the plant as a whole any advice you could give me would be very appreciative thank you ahead of time


Yes can possibly preflowers. Not a real close shot. Look for pistils, and I can kind of see a few in there.

Possibly… you should know for sure very soon :slight_smile: Plants look great! Congratulations, for being a new grower, you are doing great!

thanks been raining last couple days bad luck on wed strong winds blew plant over fell on to other plant broke 1 branch on each one doctored one on taller one.i think i solved the issue. have a good one