Preflower stretch

As I was observing my flower tent with my first indoor fotos, a couple of questions arose…

How soon after flip do you see preflower stretch?

Does pre flower stretch, stretch less, if the lights are closer?

And another thing it seems as if the clones are stretching way more than their huge mother… I heard numbers about stretch but can’t seem to fit them with what im observing…

Usually 2-3 weeks after flip is how long they will stretch but they will slower grow taller the whole time as your buds stack up and fatten

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And they will double in height some times triple with sativa strains

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Depending on strain stretch can easily double the plants height. That also depends on how long you vegged for. If you vegged a plant 4 feet it wont likely double that lol but many only grow to 2 or 3 feet indoors. If you leave youself an honest 12 inches you should be ok

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What hight doubles? from flor, from pot, or the lengt of the stem?
I have veged and trained a mother that has very long branches but she isn’t that high…

Here’s a little visual from just before flipping to flower till after stretch.


Off i go to the metric calculator :exploding_head::rofl:

From dirt to top

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