Preflower stage?

Hi all! Just wondering if this is the preflower stage? I am a complete newbie to all of this. I used to just smoke now I need to save $$ lol all advice is welcome all the time!

No, that’s a hurtin’ stage, downward turned leaves twisty and non uniform are not a good sign.

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@Shatter Any recommendations ?

Recent transplant and LST. They were in MG and now in FFOF. This has been answered in another post.

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Honestly, I have friend with a beautiful vegetable garden and all he uses is a load of chicken poo tilled in with landscaping cloth covered with spring and summer grass clippings, his yields are amazing. I’m thinking perhaps it’s me that’s doing something wrong having to work so hard for success and all he does is water it when need be. But that’s okay, I’m going over there with my large propane burner and stainless steel pot to make quite a few gallons of home made tomato sauce!

It’s still alive and that’s what you have to work with, I’m guessing by it’s stunted growth there’s a nutrient overload, any further and it’s likely you’ll see reverse osmosis (wilting and withering). Stout erect plants have the right salt balance and water concentration, it’s the sign of a healthy transpitration stream, to high in salts and the flow goes down and the pressure backs up. Low salts and the plant is able to move more water in relationship to the salts, leaves will get each other wet with visible condensation when they’re on top of one another without a substantial breeze for maximum perspiration. These are signs of a healthy robust plant.

That is preflower