Preflower sexing

So I have one plant that appears to have both male and female parts. Thoughts?

These are in week 7 of Veg.

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I dont see anything that suggests it’s a hermie. I’d let the plant develop more before making any sort of decision


These little things are my concern.

I’m with that sick kid haha!


Is it a straight up male?

To me it’s leaning towards male, but it’s too soon to make a decision right now. In about 2 more weeks you’ll know. Won’t hurt to leave it around for a bit longer.


I see what your talking about. But even if it’s a male it takes several weeks before they even think about dropping pollen


Perfect. I’m out of town until the first. So it won’t hurt to have my wife switch to 12/12 tomorrow.

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I’d give them more time and let those preflowers develop some more before doing anything. I’ve seen preflowers that I would swear are male but they turn out not to be.

Thanks. I just switched them to flower so we’ll know soon enough

Does this look like a male preflower? Its a bag seed and about 2 months from germination

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Too soon to tell. Give it more time.

If you’re going to do regular seeds, I suggest doing sex tests, you’ll know much faster, when they’re still in solo cups