Preflower or veg/male or female

New grower not sure what stage I’m at if you could take a look at the plant and the pictures let me know what you think male or female hopefully female and what I should do next also look at the leaves let me know the status of them thanks so much for your time

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Had to look twice but I think I do see pistils. Many would call this preflower.
But its really early and worth watching closer.

Look here.

Little hair sticking out? Female. No hair? WAIT!!!. Observe the plant daily until you see the pistils. Plant starts developing more “balls” in these areas?

That’s a male or a hermie.

This is bad flower.

This is good flower.

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@oldmarine is exactly right.
I saw this in your second pic and am hopeful.
I thinks those are pistils…


This is a male. If it develops into this then you’ll definitely know what to do. I think that’s a female but wait a couple days and you’ll really know if it’s showing it’s sex or not :wink: