Preflower Opinion

Hello there. New grower here. This is an unknown plant, it broke through the ground 7/14. Im thinking its beginning to preflower, but would like some opinions. Thanks.

Imo Its just maturing and showing its gender.

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This guy is in week one of flower. Ha good bit of stress early in life. What do you guys think about the sex?

Keep an eye on it. Should begin to reveal much more a week or so into flower

Unfortunately you have a pollen sac there.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m thinking the same

Dude or no? I’m thinking so but don’t want it to be true :joy::sleepy:

Haha yah it appears to be a male to me.

Noooooo! :weary: I don’t want it to be true.

Here is a halfway decent pic of some female preflowers.

Looks like male pollen sacs to me, but you should wait until a week or so after start flower.