Preferred method of cloning?


Here’s a setup for a aeroponic cloner. This would be my method. And will be once I get to the point I’m ready to clone.



Here’s what I used


@DoobieNoobie nice method, great video my friend


Thanks. I really like those air tubes you used. I might switch out my air stones for those. I’m betting they’re less likely to clog over time.


I like this set-up. I hadn’t seen those air tubes before. Very nice!


how many watts is your airpump?




I use a rooting liquid, so just cut 45° scrap stem 1/2 inches, soke seedling soil, place in spray leaves for next two weeks and just keep soul damp , put under 18/6 for 2 weeks , then plant in veg garden.


4 watts. thanks!! im considering converting my grow to a bubble bucket, since the cost to upgrade is about the same as a couple bags of ffof for my small grow


Awesome,good luck my friend