Preemptive prep against mold

As we enter bud and mold season in eastern massachusetts, i hope to avoid last years crisis–1 full barrel of buds tossed due to mold…

Im growing Northern Lights again. Ive been feeding fox farm big bloom and tiger blossom and my girls are 12 feet tall…that is not a typo!!
So this year i removed more lower and inner branches, and I installed 2 household fans in the garden. What else can i do as a preemptive treatment to the soil or to the leaves to ward off mold? Hydrogen peroxide? Potassium Bicarbonate, mouthwash and water mixture? isn’t there something i can do to protect my crop?

I think thinning them out is good but with the fans it should be a great step in the right direction.
I’m watching your topic because mold cost me some of my best buds last October.
I grew smaller plants in smaller buckets that I can bring in out of the rains under a canopy hoping to deter mold. A fan though, that might just be the answer.