Predictions for my harvest?

I just entered flower last night 09/01/20
Iv been vegging for 8 weeks, back 2 and front 2 are super silver haze from seeds and 2 in middle are gorilla cookies clones.
I’m running 900w of led light 35 inches away, iv been Scroging for 4 weeks or so. I let my plants get too bushy and over grown by mistake it’s only my second grow.
My humidity stays 50 to 60% temp between 75 and 80f
My co2 is about 800ppm minimum from a 10lbs co2 fungus bag
All in 5 gal airpots with pro mix hp mixed with a little dirt
I use the whole advanced line up (base ph perfect grow bloom micro) besides terantula and bud factor x. I also use growers recharge and cal mag. I’m using the feed chart from advanced with minor tweaks like I little more phosphorus because they only call for 5 phosphorus almost all grow.
Also just lolipoped and deflated a ton so I could get some light
Just curious on what could possibly come of this yeild wise?

Its really hard to tell man. Every plant yeilds differently. Youll probably just have to wait and see.

Should produce pretty well.

What size tent are we looking at?

In between a 4x4 and 5x5 tent

Alright I’m on my first grow so it’s more like a wild guess than a prediction but I’ll play along since I asked this last week and like one person answered :frowning::joy:. 10 oz dried.


on the conservative side i would say 8 dry

I want to play , but I need to know what brand and model light you have

Very healthy and doubt you will be disappointed with your harvest!

See that’s something I don’t know. I got the lights from a guy on Facebook marketplace. Ik 2 are galaxy hydros 600w(125w actual draw)
The 4 little lights add up to 500w and the big draws 405w.
Theres no branding on them

Thanks :joy:

2 hydro 600 = 200W and 4 small lights 405W .that sound high for a off brand lights .so I will say 250W .that is a lot of lights and heat in a small grow space. So 450W @ gram per watt . If everything go right and I mean everything With supercroping and a scrog net. A pound of weed and I’ve never seen a pound pull with off brand lights. I hope you get it . Good luck

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17.637 oz! Or whats the same, half a kilo

My estimate is for a perfect grow

Ya if thats the case me too :joy:.
I plant on getting 2 Mars hydro sp3000 when I get some extra cash. I figured 900w of light would do for now to make up for offbrand lights :joy:.

@rookiebudddzz don’t waste your money HLG is the way to go

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What hlg light do you have? I was looking at the 510w and the solar system 1000 which seems ridiculous

2 HLG 260 rspec xl they kick axs MrPeat pulls 2 pounds off of his , but he is a pro


Have you tried any other lights? I know there’s alot of them out there but hlg just seems pricey for what you get compared to alot of other models.

@dbrn32 is the light pro , he can help you . Just because it burns watts doesn’t mean it’s producing quality light.

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Yes I know this but I also know there’s alot of proven lights of there and iv only heard of hlg once or twice. Since researching grow lights