Predicament I just got put in

My friend that gave me a runt WW a couple of months ago just gave me a Strawberry Kush photo because she ran out of room in her tent! It’s 2 weeks into veg and sitting in coco peat. She was transplanted from a 1G (root ball looked great) to a 7G on Saturday and was given a first 1/4 dose of FF Big Veg right after.
I took her home today and my WW is almost done with flower (2‐3 weeks out).
My friend has not done any feeding with runoff. About a 1/4 G every 4 or 5 days and only the one shot of nutes. However the plant looks remarkably well. I left the plant under my light ( Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light) and it was running both Veg AND Bloom since it was working my runt WW! I freaked out and called the wife and had her turn off the bloom portion of the light 3 hours later! Here 200W lights were 17 inches above her. Mine is 15" above.
I’m going to use FF Trio for nutrition and I’ve heard that I need to PH and EC the water in (to runoff) and out. Now I need your help on what you would do from this moment on to get her running smoothly.

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I think the others tagged are gonna have the advice you need. At least better than what I would give. Haven’t been in that situation yet. Sorry growmie, but you got some good people tagged.


If you have the space and a light, which seem to be the case, keep it in veg (18/6 lights) until you harvest the white widow. I would use the time to prune and train it like Nebula’s mainline. The plant looks real healthy. You do want to pH both the in and runoff. TDS/PPM also. Is the medium only coco & peat?
If so it should be treated as hydro for ph and feeding purposes. I like this soil / hydro pH chart

post your questions


Great advice from @beardless

I would use that as a way to get experience with training as it’s healthy. Being new start slow and small. It doesn’t hurt to get advice before trying something.

I am all over the place with training, trying different ones and seeing what I like and don’t like.


It’s Mother Earth coco peat

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Is it normal for the White Widow leaves to be yellow? Is the plant focusing on the buds, not the leaves or is something wrong? White widow is in living soil (done by my inexperienced friend).

I consider the baby to be in her 2nd week of veg. Should I use the FF schedule for week 2 of veg?

It can be normal for late flower. It looks more advanced than normal but nothing you can do about it now. She’ll still finish up.

Yes, if you’re in coco you should be on week 2 of the FF schedule. Big bloom you can go full strength, the grow big I’d introduce it slower. Start around 1/2 to 1/3 of full strength. Shits potent. If she handles that with no tip burn, bump it up.


I thought this coco peat was the coco everyone was using salt nutrients on? Is this living soil, not coco with no nutrients?


This isn’t straight coco, it just has a healthy amount of coco in the mix. I’ve never used it to give specific advice on how you should proceed, but I’m sure there is some guidance available around the web.

As far as your original question, the light spectrum isn’t what makes your plants flower. The duration of time lights are on will.


Man i am with you on training. Endless clones. Just tried a trainwreck in 10 gal"hate it" a sort of scrog 20gal…lol…too much space eaten and a straight up 20gal with minimal prune or lst. Just spread her legs a bit. Now that i see it…i hate

both the scrog…not a true 1…and the wreck. The natural in 20 is a keeper for big assed buds. She is getting super thick with at least 6 weeks to go. Going back to 12 3gal after this round till another clone roots well in a 20 and ill try something different on her.

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I am not familiar with the product but at first glance and looking at the ingredients it is not a pure coco peat product. It has a significant amount of other ingredients indicating it should be treated for pH purposes as soil.
I have to say the ingredients label is less than clear. It says
So what makes up the remaining 75 - 65% - other ingredients? Apparently worm castings, guano and meals. These ingredients make it soil.

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This looks similar to the makeup of one part of the ProMix I use in my blend.

  • Sphagnum peat moss (80-90% by volume)
  • Coir
  • Perlite
  • Ground Limestone (for pH adjustment)
  • Wetting agent
  • Mycorrhizae

You consider / treat ProMix as soiless hydro mix - right? It does say specifically peat is 80-90% and the remaining 10-20% is coir & perlite. I don’t count the remining three as contributing to volume or as decomposable organic materials.
I have also use it and treated it as a hydro medium.

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I have been running it as hydro, I also mix it with ProMix HP and Cultivation Nation coco. I make sure my PH going in is 5.8.

This blend has been working quite well (as long as I am not f’ing something up) but luckily this blend does what it says at least. With some of the issues I had that came up PH, nutrient blend, etc. the medium allowed the plants to still keep growing and not experience harsh damage.

But I do know there are some ProMix that are not hydro/soil less.

Here are the two I mix

ProMix Moisture Control 40%

ProMix HP 40%

And then I add 20% of Cultivation Nation

The ProMix most readily available for me is the Premium All Purpose. It has a little peat humus in it which is finer so I add more perlite. All good stuff.

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In the US product labels indicate the % of an item by the way they’re listed - even if the manufacturer doesn’t give exact numbers.
The listing for Mother Earth Coco/Peat lists coco first, therefore it’s the item found in the highest quantities. Then in descending order…

If you can find ANY info on the medium please post it here. I’m using it currently in a monster-cropped clone grow and am treating as hydro - which was the ONLY info I could find on the net - treat it as hydro…
@beardless you may remember a month or so ago I posted in the mediums section and there was no one here that had any experience with it.
I’m using 321 and they got a little Mammoth P early on to help with root development. Everything going in has been at 5.8-5.9 and watered to ro. Unable to read ro numbers as this is a wall to wall, balls to the wall grow!

I think they’re looking good!!



Clones were rooted in Root Riot cubes with CloneX gel and planting holes/root ball was coated with Mykos at transplant.

Happy Growing Everyone!!


So I might have f-ed up last night. I treated soil as coco and watered to runoff with FF nutrients. It took a gallon of water. I woke up this morning and there were drops of water hanging from the edges of every leaf! It was 66 degrees in the tent too. I broke out the heater and set the room to 70. Now what?