Pre-pruning for small bushy plants

I learned this from high times. omg , 35 years ago, lol.
Your first true set of leaves, wait until they are about an inch long and have a good size stem on them, now cut one off.
Second cut: when your second set set of leaves are the same size and you have plenty of stalk, cut one off. Butt at this point you need to keep going in the same direction as your prior 2 cuts.(reason for this)
Third cut: continue on around in the same direction and cut the leaf off that is covering the first leaf you left.
4 cut: do the same for this cut cut off the leaf that is covering the the 2and leaf you left.
Now skip the 5 set of leaves. But when the top is big enough cut it off above the 5 node-yep top it.
You will notice that your bottom leaves has tops that are coming up to meet the top. If you are doing a manifold these tops are your clones. If you have the space.
Anyway I learned how to do that over 35 years ago from hightimes and I am faithful to it. Try it once and you will do it everytime. I hope that helps someone. That’s my secret.
If you are an outdoor grower it makes small bushy plants(inside too) but I use it everytime so I thouth I’d share with ya hell, I may be out of date, lol with my dinosaur ass!

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I hope that this makes sense and I hope I don’t look like a dork for posting something that is well known. I thought I was the only one who did this. If you haven’t tried it please do-even if you are doing a manifold. The lower tops will come up and meet the top when you top it. Its pretty cool. Like I said I’ve always done it and won’t do it any other way-I just hope that it isn’t known and makes me out to be an just-just trying to help. I do it just for the clones. You get 4-6 clones from doing this. Anyway good luck

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A picture guide would be much easier to understand lol.

You don’t need to do this to make clones though, it’s Intresting.

You Know it when you do it you will see the benefits it has to taking clones. Yeah once I get my seeds replaced I’ll do a pictorial

That is what I did in these girls with some lst


Here’s the clones


I’ll try that process next grow. I am a newbie. Is there a way to tag a pst for future reference?

@JaneQP You can bookmark it, by clicking on the 3 little dots next to the post reply button!

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If I dont forget about this post, lol, when you start your seed I can guide you through it’s pretty straightforward

Very nice plants-total weight?

Just over 600Gs with Two left