Pre-harvest and harvest 101 questions

Hi everyone, this is my first year growing and I’m getting close to harvest with my indica and want to make sure I have all my facts straight and harvest correctly. So I have an obama kush that should be just a few weeks out (I’m guessing around 3 weeks since it started flower beginning of August). I’ve ordered my pocket microscope to check trichromes but the hairs are looking about right (roughly 60% red). Anyway onto the questions. So I just fed my plants again today and my understanding is that what I fertilize today is what the plant is eating next week. So do I want this to be my last feed of this planet? Once it’s had it’s last feed I want to wait one week and then flush (just keep putting water into the pot until the water out the bottom is running clearish). Once I flush (2 weeks from harvest) I then only water a small amount with increasing skipped days (so skip one day, water, skip 2 days, water, ect). Do I want to not water before harvest at any point? I’ve read about trying to plan harvest near full moons but it would only be a half moon on October 16th so how important is that? I’ve also read about 48 hours of darkness before harvest. How important is that? My plants are out in a greenhouse so I don’t totally know how well I could give them total darkness. Once I harvest the plant I’ve read about “bud washing” and I’m interested because we’ve had a lot of fires this year so my plants have a lot of dirt and ash all over them but none of my friends that have grown before know anything about it. Can someone direct me to good information about bud washing? Our plan for drying is hanging the branches in the spare room closet so it can stay dark and constant temperature. 65-75 degrees with 45-50% humidity for 10-12 days is what is wanted before going into glass jars for curing. Phew, sorry for the long post but it’s overwhelming the amount of information and techniques people have. So does that sound like I’ve got my information straight or do I need to adjust something. Thank you everyone.

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What you feed the plant today is what she’s eating today, not next week. When you flush you want to read the runoff PPM till it gets to around 200, not to when it goes clear.

Watering before harvest is a choice, some people harvest when the plant is completely dry so that it dries faster.

As far as i’m concerned the new moon means absolutely nothing. You don’t need to go by this unless you want to.

There’s a great link around somewhere that shows you how to wash your buds after harvest. Ill try to find it.


You should start flushing now. You can quit watering a week before you harvest so the plant doesn’t have any water to suck up. Never heard anything about full moon harvesting. And make sure you have some type of sir circulation

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I would wait another week at least before flushing ,so your buds will use up what’s left in soil , then the leaves , don’t flush to early