Pre-grow questions

These are on the way thru FedEx, getting here Tuesday. As soon as I have those I’m getting this thing started finally. I can’t wait. I was gonna start with a gorilla glue 4 auto but I’m gonna go with a Bruce Banner auto. I’m still trying to figure out the most simple method to hanging this fan and filter. Truthfully speaking, I do not care about the smell at all whatsoever. My neighbors don’t care about the smell, the maintenance guys are all weed heads, both my folks are weed smokers and my pops has been growing his own stuff for the last few years so of either one ever pops up that’s not gonna be an issue. I really don’t care about smell and I’ve had the light running all day on a couple plants my mother was curious to see if there was any type of effect on em from the led light and it didn’t have any effect at all on temp, I could touch the light literally and it had no heat at all. That’s my main concern as of right now. Trying to figure out the most simple, efficient method for hanging that stuff up. I don’t have a way to run the ducting outside of the house in any way. The most simple method is all I need. Fox farm actually emailed me a custom Autoflower feeding schedule cuz they don’t have any posted yet lol but after looking alot online and researching each strain in my pack, between GSC, GG4 or Bruce Banner 3 I gotta go with the Bruce. I didn’t even realize it was an OG Kush/Strawberry Diesel cross. I’m super excited to grow it, I’ve never smoked it and now I’m making sure not to until I smoke my own


@beardless that’s one hell of a setup u got my friend. The only thing I’m concerned with as far as the inside of the tent is keeping the humidity where it needs to be, I’m in Massachusetts tho and it’s about to be fall time so it’s not gonna be humid at all in another couple weeks, like I said before, smell is not a concern at all. Heat isn’t either really, like I said I ran the light all day for a couple days on a couple plants my mother had and I was curious to see if it was hot in the tent but it wasn’t at all, it didn’t feel like there was any heat built up at all. I just want to keep the environment in the tent comfortable as possible for my plant.

@dirtydave I posted a pic of the pH meter and tds meter I ordered from Walmart, do they look like those will do? Everywhere I went to only had pool testing kits as far as pH kits so I hopped on the Walmart app and ordered a set for like $20. Finding perlite was a hassle too here, there seems to be a perlite shortage in Massachusetts according to the guy at the hydroponics store I called. And then finding one without nutrients added was fun. Finally I did and it only cost me $8

@TheVirginian thank you for the welcome my friend. I’m happy as hell to be here. I’ve been waiting years to finally have all the equipment and good genetics to grow some of my own medicine, and now that it’s legal and I’m older and know how to save money finally, I have these things. @PiratedSoldier so what are u recommending as far as a setup on the inside? Like I said, smell is not a concern at all. Heat seems to not really be an issue with this light but I definitely want the environment to be comfortable as possible obviously for the plant. What are u thinking I should do? What’s ur setup like?

The best way to control the environment inside a tent / grow space is to condition the air that goes into and the temperature it is housed in.

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Just like @beardless indicated, I control the room my tents and grow spaces are in. My filter is inside the tent with my fan along with a short run.

Arguments I’ve seen with carbon filters are the life, however a good carbon filter will last with design for humidity (which is the largest degrading factor that and poor maintenance of filters), keeping your humidity controlled will keep them alive just as long as others.

Differences I have on my tent depending on the stage is my intake is sealed for when they are in Veg with controlled intake fans, the reason is I keep my environment controlled internally in the tent. Having it sealed while also filtering (dust, debris, bacteria, etc) from the tent into the filter before exiting also helps your fan and ducts. Something to remember in setups and cleaning. While this takes tile to build up of course, starting out if your temperature and humidity get out of hand ducts, fans, and filters will build this up quickly. When you’re dealing with changing temperatures and changes in moisture this comes into play and I don’t think many remember this. Those buildups should be cleaned to prevent introducing something to your plants or home just like when people disinfect the tent after each run. While insignificant staring out over time people forget. Just like HVAC the more filtered your system at all intakes and exhausts the longer life of all equipment with regular cleaning :soap:.

At the end of the day it’s really going to come down to preference and space. What works for you run with it :grin:, just keep in mind making a lot of adjustments in a tent with plants can increase accidents to them. I’ve knocked plants over, ripped off buds, splits branches, spilled medium, water, etc. The best advice I have as a new grower, take the extra moments to sit and think about what you want to do and what might make it harder. I can admit it gets addicting and you can get ahead of yourself.

So taking a moment to think about about how high you want your plants, life of equipment, ease of maintaining equipment, and preference.

If you maintain a good ambient environment it won’t really matter where you place equipment as long as you keep radiating equipment away from the plants unless it’s meant to be close. For my current grow in flower my tent is partially opened to introduce more airflow towards the roots, but in compensation to that I have an external dehumidifier and HEPA filter running in that room to keep the room at the tents desired environment.


Hey @beardless I honestly didn’t really look at the pics in ur previous response until now. So fan to filter is what ur saying, then I’ll try that way

The ppm meter will work but those yellow PH meters are pretty bad it will get you by until you can afford a better one the Apera 20 is about 50 bucks that’s about the cheapest one that’s worth owning

Yep Blow exhaust through the filter instead of sucking it through the filter.

You are in learning mode. That’s good. My advice: balance. Balance photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration. To do that manage light intensity, temps, humidity, air recirculation, water, and nutrients. You’re asking the right questions. There’s a lot to learn. You got this.

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@MH47 yeah I’m trying to absorb any info and advice given. I’m super excited to get started. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but it wasn’t legal here and I had seen so many houses get raided because of grow ops back in the day, I wasn’t willing to risk it. But now it’s 100% legal, I still went and got a medical card and registered with the state just to show how by the books and legit I’m being. I might gift some here and there but I’m not getting into it to start an empire :joy: I just wanna grow my own medicine and hopefully, eventually, I wanna get good enough to where I can grow it hydroponically or aeroponically or in soil, doesn’t matter what medium, and I want to definitely mess around with creating my own hybrids. I wanna put a whole lotta love into my plants to the point it shows in the potency and overall look of the bud. I wanna grow sum cbd for my mother who battles depression and PTSD and a few other demons.

They’re finally here. My Bruce Banner auto seed has been in water in the dark for the last three days and I can just see a tail about to pop. I can’t wait. I calibrated my pH meter immediately and it’s on point from what I can tell.

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Are you going straight into soil or a wet paper towel situation?

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@Pinboy straight into soil, it just showed its tail late last night so I waited til it was a lil longer and planted it in the afternoon today.

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So it begins

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Indeed :joy:

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