Pre-flowering... Did I do something wrong?

Ok so I just transplanted one of my plants 3 days ago into fox farm soil… It’s in the vegatative stage and on a 18/6 light schedule. So today when I got off from work I check my plants like I always do , refilled my humidifier and kinda just checked on the plants well today I have my first girl which is very very exciting but I never changed my light schedule. So does this mean it’s gonna start flowering even on an 18/6 schedule. Im not very sure if it’s an auto flower seed. Is it it supposed to start showing hairs?? Did I mess up somewhere with the light? I’m personally not ready for it to start flowering because I haven’t gotten my nutrients yet because I’ve been trying to save money for it. Didn’t expect to get this far😅 I was having a humidity problem but just got some packages and some fox farm soil because I heard it was very good. My humidity problem is solved but now I’m scared it’s flowering to early. Is it supposed to show this in veg stage at 18/6 light schedule?

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She looks good! If it’s a photo, you will have to give her at least 12 hours of darkness to get her to flower. If she is preflower, you can keep her in that stage as long as you like.


Ok @Zee WHEW ok good because I was about to freak out. Lol thank you so much. Here is a better pic


You’re welcome!

Yep, she’s just telling you she’s ready to flower when you are