Pre flower height control (Please help)

I have been planning to switch my 3 plants to 12/12 flower/bloom over the next week and have been very much debating on whether or not the final height after flower stretch is going to be to much and possibly burn or destroy the bud sites. This is my first grow so I am entirely unexperienced with the flower stretch and how much it will really grow after I switch. I do have a Scrog net that will arrive within the next few days but I feel the stems and growth may already be far too developed to bend them under net. The tent is already pretty packed though and I bet the net would make that issue worse by making them too wide and full. I’ve also contemplated topping them a few nodes down but have never done that. I’ve topped each plant once on the top nodes much earlier. If I topped a few nodes down would it be ok? what would be the wait time after the topping to switch to flower? should I top few nodes down then use scrog net? This is my first grow and im really stuck on what to do right now. I do not want them to get to big and too close to light. Lights can be raised only about 6 inches more maybe 8-10 with zip ties. they are 15" away from plants at this time. im figuring a foot of flowering at the most would be ok. I will post additional info below and pics.

  • Strain: x2 NY Power Diesel & x1 Random bag seed
  • Plant Height: All 3 approx. 29" w/o pots & 40" with pots
  • Tent Size: 24"x48"x72"
  • Medium: Organic Soil (FFOF)
  • Vessels: 5 Gallon Fabric Pots
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Light system: Spider Farmer SF1000 & Viparspectra 600 dimmable (LED Full Spectrum)
  • Temps; Day 75-79 Night 73-79
  • Humidity; Day 50-62 Night 50-60
  • Ventilation system; AC Infinity 6 Inch Inline Duct
    Co2: No
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You could get your lights even higher by removing the hanging wires and stuff that came with lights and just use rope ratchets directly to the light, will probably require twice as many rope ratchets but worth it for the extra space.

Your topped plants won’t stretch that much, you can scrog if you want but don’t really need to. I think you are good to go for flowering.