Pre-flower harvest?!

I had to cut all my plants down early this year for security reasons and they are currently drying slowly. There were no trichomes (read that twice), but they sure smell good!

Are there any beneficial substances in the leaves and vigorous new growth? I’m wondering if it’s worth making RSO with it.


Uh @blackthumbbetty might be able to answer this better. I know she mentioned using early clippings in edibles.


Many people use the leaves in smoothies. Purportedly some beneficials in them.

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No trichs? At all? The trichs are where the oil is. If no trichs, no oil.

However, I doubt there are zero trichs. :grinning: There are 3 types of trichs, and some are extremely small. You should be able to extract some oils from your premature plants, if there are trichs. If there’s funk, there’s most likely trichs. :grinning:


Can you press it?

I took out my loupe and saw that all the leaves are covered in a fine white fur! But the stems, not so much.
And I washed the roots, but will clean them better.

I think I’ll use all the healthy leaves and the roots in an alcohol extract/concentrate, and report back. Thanks y’all.

Maybe it’ll be a different kind of medicine.

You understand the roots and such are not psychoactive, right? Definitely some medicinal effects, but they won’t get you high.

Hi Betty, yes I know. I’m not expecting any kind of high at all. It’s just a learning experiment from here on, as in life.
And I know how to make RSO.

Might make a great laxative? I know eating green pot will give some folks an upset tummy follwed by diarrhea.

I have decarbed it and ate it. I had no problems but yeah, I don’t advice it because I have also heard it can make your bowels not feel so hot. I tried it just to see a different way of ingesting so I don’t need to smoke with my severe asthma. Needless to say it was a bust for me as well. :pensive: