Pre-flower and introducing nutrients

Hello everyone, I am sure my Northern Lights auto is closing the pre-flower stage and is beginning to move into flowering, and I have my FF nutrient trio at the ready to be introduced in the next watering. I have not used any nutrients yet, as my plant seems to be thriving on just the FFOF soil she’s in. I have some pics here of her from this morning along with some of the bud sites where you can see everything taking place. Do I need to add anything yet? I was told to introduce Big Bloom to her first as a way to start, but I was wondering what anyone else recommends first. She is currently at about 8-9 cups of water per watering which is usually when runoff begins. Thanks for everyone’s help so far! Also got a bigger tent from my girlfriend and mother in law for my birthday!


When it is time to feed you should include all three from the trio. Big Bloom contains only micronutrients (copper, boron, iron,…) Your plant will also need nitrogen (contained in Grow Big) and phosphorous and potassium (contained in Tiger Bloom.)

It’s best not to feed randomly and instead use a PPM meter to help you maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

Plant looks great.


Okay sweet! I knew that sounded weird to only use one. Thanks for your help! and thank you for the compliment, she said thank you lol


Another option, just throwing it out there because I’m trying it this run, is happy frog fruit and flower.

You just top dress with it. It has nitrogen, and a bunch of other good stuff. My plant’s on 10th day of flower, and looks very healthy. It’s all I’ve used. Used to use the trio, but the guy at the shop says this is way easier, better, and cheaper.

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Welcome to the community ! very nice she looks healthy.

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