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Happy turkey day every 1


Hope you’re having an awesome Turkey day dude!! You out catching waves??? It’s gorgeous here North of you today!!


thanks my man. now that thanksgiving is over ! im behind on ilgm obviously.


looks like @JJ520 took care of ya. ive been awol past week. i have 3 autos going. all germed at same time, all are ethos, and 3 different strains. 3 diff sizes for sure. ill post a pic here in a few, when i head up to the cannacamp :v:


very cool, as weve become cat people, after our last of 4 labs left us. Hope you and everyone else had a nice thanksgiving. I harvested my afghan while still having a mouthful of feast ! Pretty funny .


no waves, but a nice day it was !


So as you can see @Nubie419plus1 , in autos, i have small, medium, and what i consider large for an auto.

They are all in coco, being fed jacks 4/2. I will admit, just for kicks, and maybe being risque’:rofl:, I gave the planet of the grapes, the largest one, about a 25% dose of gaia green 2-8-4 bloom, 17 days ago. Is that a factor? I have no idea, but shes got some large, thick flowers appearing, that the other 2 are lacking. Only gave small dose, being they are already being fed synthetically. I tend to do things out of the mainstream norm! So far, it hasnt bit me in the bootie.:crossed_fingers:. Now ive jinxed myself i bet!


For still just being “hedgehogs”, they are pretty fat.


So with that being said in your opinion if space is limited are 3 gallons the best size to go with? Get 4 in there instead of 2 or 3 5 gallon? Ive already put 1 5 gallon and 2-3 gallon (all 3 banana kush) in for this grow so we shall see how this grow goes.

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Appreciate it and Happy Thanksgiving brother!

You could go with 3g… i used 5g in my 2×4 this round and went with 3 plants… i was growing in 10g but the grow was long like extended by a month. 5g will be my go too but may consider 3 3g pots in my 2×2 next time… just my opinion and experience… best of luck

Hey PR :wave: lol wuts up witcha!?

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Thank ya sir and happy turkey day!
Taste that bk yet? What kinda dry weight ya end up getting out of her?

Right at a half pound after i gave probably an ounce away to a couple people with needs. Oh and it’s just great all the way around, taste smell sticky slow burning perfect high for anytime day or night. I will have a full tent of this grow after next…

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I have needs… Thats badazz good grow brother!!!

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Lmao come and get :rofl:

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Id say 3 gal if space limited. I have 3- 5 gallons in there, but using those big drip pans kinda jams me up. Been using those since i started growing, but need to try and change things up. In my 2x4, i do have one big drip pan for all 3- 3 gallons. Im too much of a neatnick id say! Also a mental thing about plants touching each other, or the tent walls. Maybe @Mark0427 can help me get past that! Hes good for a crowded space, and always seems to work out.
Id love to just grow in an open room someday, and not be confined to a tent space. Thats the main thing i like about outdoors growing, but i just dont get the results id like, compared to indoors. Plus, i have lots of trees and bush around my house, keeping my plants from getting enough time in direct sun.
Wow, that was a rambling response. Sorry!!:woozy_face:
Have a nice rest of the holiday weekend. I think ill go see if my plants are touching each other!:rofl::rofl:


Another mental hurdle i forsee. Giving the oggf and slh clones, water only, when feeding organics. Geez. Sooo use to feeding jacks. Scared to death ill do them wrong with just water. Ill need therapy for this change!


Saturday am roll call…
Afghan indie day 2 drying

In the 4x4 under the mh fc4800 and hlg uva30

Strawberry cookies auto

Grandpas stash auto

Planet of the grapes auto

In the 2x4 under the hlg350r

Super lemon haze clone

Cherry ice cream clone

Og godfather clone

Everyone accounted for​:white_check_mark::100:. Guess ill finally head over to work. At least let my truck be seen over there for a few!
Happy growing everyone.


And on my way out, a quick inspection of my 6" dryer vent exhaust to the great outdoors. Fills the front yard and parking area, full of holiday scents.:nose::+1:t4:


Yeah 90% of the time my plants touch each other or the walls. Gotta have something to hold them up. Lol. As long as u spin them now and again and let light hit diff spots and not have spots constant smothered I’d say why not let them touch lol unless one is infected with something and the rest ain’t but hell even u touch ur wife or the walls now and again.