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@pr , you be yourself my friend. Whether you post a lot or just a little, or even just once in a blue moon, you will always have a place here. It’s in the spirit of growing, imo, you give what you can, when you can. :wink:
It’s all part of being in the family! :nerd_face:


@pr its been a pleasure to watch your grows and talk to you, learn with you. I learned a lot by following you as You learned. Best wishes :green_heart:


U got my number u know how to dial. Sucks bro I’m barely ever here too. I pop in a lot but barely say shit. Lol. I feel the same I don’t have much I can show and I rarely give my advice as it may not be the best sometimes but it works great for me. Lol. Shoot a message anytime buddy.


Something like, if you love it let it…wtf ever, dude you’ve came along fast! It’s alot!
Go collect yourself, master YOUR style and return to clubhouse when you feel best :metal:
I’ll be :eyes: for ya


You help more than you realize, I suspect.

All the same, life happens and sure makes it hard sometimes. Pop by when ya can, we’ll all be around. :v::100:


That’s for sure! @pr doesn’t give himself enough credit :green_heart:


Did you see my message on ig?? @Beck

No I haven’t been on IG in ages. I’ll go check :smiley:

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i dont have your contact info !

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@Growingforothers i remember you said you wanted some feedback on my ac infinity splitter, to exhaust 2 tenrs with one t6. Just tonight i finally activated it. On 3 speed, its sucks all 8 walls in. On 4 speed you here mylar cracking and popping! :laughing:
So im calling it a success. Cant imagine theyd make the splitter, if they werent confident about the performance. Im stoked with it. One less piece of gear in my room. Hope youre good buddy.


That may work out ok if short runs as it looks.


Well it sucks the tent walls in, so it surely is working. Walls on BOTH tents.


ConcreteBudz has my contact info. Nice fan set up


I have this one after i cut all my sugar leaves off i let them sit and dry then i rub my sugar leaves against the mesh and all the keef just collects

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So do u have it setup with the bigger tent being a bit closer to the fan for more suction and the other a little more of a run for a bit less so it’s not drawing too much compared to the other if I make sense. Maybe see about a damper for online u can control the flows more if needed

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That explains a lot, ive asked a couple folks why they start in solo cups before transplanting and no one could give me an answer that made sense other than thats how they were taught. One of my seeds i put it a 4 gallon took 8 days to pop, i had already given up on her and planted another. Reckon i will start em in solos now. Thanks for the info!

What size tents? Just picked up second tent and that looks like a option that would work perfect in my scenario.

Youve helped me several times and ive picked up several things just reading over your threads. Think ya help more than ya realize brother, thank you.