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Okay more frequently what you thinking like every two days?
I normally feed them every 3 to 4 days depending on the weight of the pot and I do a Nutes feeding every other water they are on their 3rd nutes feed as of yesterday and calmag water by itself will be next or should I feed her nutes again?

In flowering i wouod feed nutes every watering unless u flushing. Every girl will be eating different

awwwwwwww well i guess i’ll switch to nutes every water

now all if my plants are auto and unfortunately i messed up on keeping up with what week they are in i will not make this mistake again so now i really don’t know when i should flush

the sex started to show May 17th and the budlets started to show more May 26 and its now june 23 and the buds getting fuller on my two plants @SilvaBack203

I personally start flushing when i see my trichomes are where i would like them to be at fully cluded or with some amber

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i’ll have to take better pictures so you can see

another think the top part of my auto are finishing faster than my bottom so what do i do then

this the best i can get @SilvaBack203


Still looks like a lot of white pistils to be thinking about flushing. I agree with @SilvaBack203, looks hungry and needs some water if pots are light and you did the finger test.


thank you i’ll keep posting to see what i should do next

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after counting they are 4 weeks into flower

their budlets started showing may 26

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also should i flush to get rid of the nutes burn and start my nutes over? @SilvaBack203

No continue the route you at. These girls in flower you dont wanna stress them out. The top will always develop quicker than the bottome because of light exposure but thats alright. You can do selective harvest if you would like or just harvest all together


Those large fan leaves with red stems can be removed.

which ones can you me if you have time please?

Looks like a magnesium deficiency or lockout to me. Have you checked your run off pH? I am having an issue right now with my blue dream ladies. Leaves started turning yellow around the edges at first but now it has gotten much worse quick. I checked pH run off and it was 5.5 - mag lockout. So tomorrow I will flush with 10 gallons of pH’d water (will pH a bit higher). The last gallon of water will have cal mag in it. Hopefully this will work and fix the issue… curiously enough though they are getting fat with beautiful nugs so deficiency doesn’t seem to be hurting it so far.

Good luck!

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no i have never done that before

how many could i cut off?

Goodmorning guys so heres my question would it be best to flush my plant or leave it alone next question how many of the fan leaves should i take off?

I would cut off those that are blocking light or breeze. If you are having lockout issues I suggest you flush.

can i check the ph of my plant by making a slurry or should i wait for when i water the plants again because i just watered them so i know i can’t water them again. but i have cut off a few fan leaves on all the plants @pr i cut off a few of the purple stem leaves like you suggested there are a few more on there im not sure if you wanted me to cute them all off or just some of them.

I suppose if they are not looking too bad then wait. I waited until my last watering to check pH. Maybe should have flush them right then but timing wasn’t right and couldn’t do it right then. Wish I had though as the mag deficiency is moving around causing more yellow leaves.