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BS. Moisture is supposed to drain out not sit on coil. I don’t think you have a great AC guy. Just saying cause, this is my field of expertise. Imma continue reading from the top don’t mind me, just catching up. :laughing:


A Lil shot of the runtz from the 2x5 tent she is frosty as a mofo


Here’s some of what we were discussing @Hellraiser. Just a few branches with dying leaves, all on same side of plant. Other 75% look fine.

Some as you can see, are actually dried and crispy. These same ones were fine a few days ago.


Wow @Mark0427 that runtz is Supa frosty!! :ice_cube: :cold_face:


Yeah that does not look good, dying leaves like that are usually are a sign of bud rot, specially if they pull off easily (because stem of leaf is rotted), take a close look at the buds where the leaves are dying just in case.


Leaves that are easy to pull off are always because of bud rot? Are there other reasons for it?

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its even worse this am. im cutting those few branches off. seems bud rot would be odd at such low rh ?

All it takes is to have a gnat lay an egg on the leaf and the egg hatch then u have a small worm crawl and poop on things which creates bud rot

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This am, this small branch looked so funky, I cut it off. One thing I noticed was the odd color of lower branch. And funny you say that @Mark0427 about a worm. 2 wks ago, on this branch, was an inchworm, which I removed. But I don’t see actual bud rot, just dead :fallen_leaf: leaf. There are 2 other branches, coming off the same main this one came from, starting to look similar. Im considering pulling the plug on the whole plant. The mango that’s in there with her, is a beauty, and hate for something to happen with her as well. These pics are both sides of the bud.
Im kinda bummed about this situation, but its part of growing I know.
More important, I hope all of you here at ilgm, have a great thanksgiving today!

There is not a foul smell to this bud surprisingly. Smells good really. See what yall have to say?


Is the lower part of the stem (the brown part) hard and dry, or soft and mushy?

Hard and dry. The other couple secondarys on the same main, have same discoloring. Ive seen talk of cancers in branches? Believe me, ive been steady trying to find out what’s up. Marks worm theory is good, but the lower stem??


Not really sure, but could this possibly be over-defoliation? @Hellraiser, any insight?

The brown stem part resembles stem rot try and split the stem in the brown par cut a piece off and split it and look in the middle see what it looks like. Might be a whole new scene on the inside. I’d do it away from the bud tho just Incase it’s moldy or something nasty inside so it don’t spread on the. If any and wash the bud super well with peroxide mix at prolly 50 50 mix and rinse well and hang Infront of fan til dry feeling not wet from the wash. Man we have all kinds of things going on this year we all get to see what happens from all kinds of things. Thrips bud rot wpm I seen the wom alot this summer so glad those days r done for for now atleast lol. Wishing everyone a wonderful turkey day.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the family, food and football.


Have a few left lol. Get em while there hott


Nice love it


Alot of my buds looked like that a d I harvested and processed into dabs. Not sure if your into that but its an alternative to having lots of mediocre buds turned into great dabs. Just my opinion on the situation. Happy Thanksgiving. Love peace and turkey grease.


I’m with you I press or extract everything I smoke. I do a taste test to see how the flower taste but otherwise I dab


Happy turkey day!! My friend!


Thanks. Same to you and yours. Was some risk involved to bringing her in from being outside all summer. So I was semi prepared for something to go sideways! Came on quick though.