PR’s continuing grow adventures and member's hub (Part 1)

That’s crazy yeah 2 of my co workers are out now with it. Things are getting crazy this way. I don’t think ima go 2 cannacon any more since NY worse

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Shit just build some descent looking doors on it or drape a dark sheet over it and tell them that’s ur video games and dvd collection lol kinda like a shower curtain idea can open it when needed and slide it closed if anyone comes thru

Me too. Wtf?

Im putting up my 2x2 from santa.


freezer. I guess you get a certain amount per 24hr period and if you don’t use them all then the next day you have whatever you have left from day before with likes??? I think? @Mark0427

No I believe the regenerate so many every hour or 2 but if u don’t use the 50 before bed say u use 46 u might wake up have 13 before the stupid OOL message they regenerate so many per HR or so I believe

OOL is out of love lol

I’ve been visiting threads off the hook trying to make reg too this is insane! All I wanted for Christmas was MORE LOVE ILGM!!!

Ps and maybe those God father OG seeds I’m going to grow from yall next for free too :wink:


Grow adventure update…
3.5 days from germ
Critical mass & super skunk, both ilgm, and from a generous friend and ilgm member.
Each got about 3.5 ozs, 5.9 ph, 940 strenghth jacks with 2ml/gal fishit. Also pulled a scotty real, and sprinkled a little recharge on top of coco, around stalk, prior to feeding.
Sometime in the coming week or so, i intend on moving into my new 2x2. Will be less “stuff” in the room than is now actually, and room wont be lit up like a stadium.
Any questions or concerns, file with the members hub section on here! As usual, having fun with it.

Sterilized some grow kitchenware also, for a fresh start. Boiled water, turned it off, threw it all in to soak. Took caps off droppers first.


They look amazing and very healthy. Super nice growth my friend well done so far!

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I really hope we can grow the godfather around the same time. I should be dropping my beans in April may

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Im happy so far. Thanks.

They r taking off and not looking back great job sir

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Visit comment like I believe u have to share emojis and stuff gives u other badges. Memes and stuff like that. Each thing u do different may give u a new badge or so. U can see it badges earned and what needs to be done to earn the others

Just do what I do can’t like no pics I give em emoji love. Never used so much emojis in my life



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Yeah well these lady’s will finish probably by end of month or early next month and then I’m doing miner modifications to the Stealth Box :ninja: and then I will be dropping the God Father OG seeds so maybe end Feb? Beginning Mar? Latest I hope haha @SilvaBack203

Oh I have haha I have many badges for that kind of stuffs. But I’ll explore more

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Go on giphy find a giphy hold finger on the one u want select copy link come back here hold finger on where u start to type message here select paste. That should give a new badge I believe

Have to figure out what’s needed to reach trust level 3

Covert told me I have to visit atleast 500 threads and that was two weeks ago or so and I was at 135 threads and I’ve been visiting as many a day as I can haha