Ppm water run off

Hello everyone again I’m trying to wrap my head around the parts per million in and out I think I have a understanding of it. Now my other question is in order to get water runoff wouldn’t I be over watering my plants and I know this is a big no-no little confused thanks for any help once again.

When the plants are seedlings and early in veg yes overwatering can be bad. When they get into late veg and flowering they can handle the extra water. Typically when watering to run off you look at 10-20% run off.

If your plants need to be flushed during the grow a flush can be as little as 3x the pot size and go higher as needed. So if you have a 5-gallon pot that is 15-gallons of water through pot. It is a little worrisome the first time you flush a plant but they handle it just fine.

As you can see, the larger more mature plants can handle a lot!


The overwatering is more along the lines of constantly water before the soil has a chance to dry out. Essentially keeping the soil wet. You could run 20 gallons through your soil just fine. The issue comes when you water again before it’s dry. Gotta let those roots get some air.


I think the others have you set. Just wanted to add that you wouldn’t water seedlings and extremely small plants to runoff. You also shouldn’t really be feeding those plants much or anything to justify needing to get runoff data.


Thanks everyone I appreciate the help pretty sure I have a good concept of what I should do thanks again

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