Ppm too high in soil. Will plant lower it her self?

3ed week into flower and the Ppms in soil runoff are 1135 but I’m only feeding at 800. Will the plant take down the ppms naturally over 3 or 4 weeks if I only do a balanced ph watering?

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They’ll come down. You can just water only next time she needs water and check the ppms then.

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You’re in good shape, I’m with B D. :arrow_up:

It may be just me and the soil mix I use but at 3rd week into flower and ppm only at 1135, I would think the plant is starving. I am used to soil alone being almost 2000.
A couple numbers from a recent grow: day / ppm-feed / ppm-avg. runoff
20 / 850 / 1888
24 / 940 / 2006
28 / 1060 / 2320
32 / 980 / 2950
Although the runoff ppm increased, runoff ph stayed consistent and did not drop enough to cause concern. Most importantly, the plants looked healthy.

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When my runoff gets higher then the nutrients I put in, the plant starts to show me yellow spots and taco leafs. When the plant was in early veg the runoff was in the 3000 and the plant looked sick. I think this plant is very sensitive to how much nutrients is going in. The soil is reused 3 times oceans forests with really low ppms when grow was started… Do you think the ppms will go down after a few weeks of ph balance waterings?

If they don’t go down at all after your next water only, that probably means they aren’t nutrient ppms, but likely a salt build up. At that point you’re looking at wanting to flush.


The plant’s reaction is the critical part. The type of medium, the nutrients used and the individual plants all react differently.
The ppms should drop if watering only. The available nutrients are what the plant will be feeding on. If not, what BobbyD says is more likely the situation. After using the soil 3x it is totally depleted of original nutrients. My concern with reusing soil is what is actually left in the soil from previous nutrient feeds. Its balance may be way off and causing some of the problems. If in between uses the soil is flushed, sterilized and recharged appropriately, then it is OK. If you want to reuse the medium, coco is probably the better route to go.