Ppm testing tds/ec

how do you gauge which ppm levels need to be below to allow feeding of more nutrients im growing one plant in a 2 gallon pot and the second plant in about a 1/2 gallon pot???


Welcome to the community , my 1st thoughts what soil are you using. When I drop under 1000 PPM runoff , I like to start feeding about 5 or 6 weeks into veg stage. (Ocean forest ) Good luck :v:


Welcome, i start at 1/2 strength. Test your run off, and read the plants everyone will have a different sweet spot depending on the environment you create. If the runoff ppm is low and ph is good this means they like it, slowly increase and test, if they dont eat and ppm is the same back off and feed less. I usually increase/decrease by 1ml per gal but keep the ratio of nutes or the balance the same.


My question is the same as @kellydans . Also on the smaller pot make sure there are drain/weep holes in the pot. Are you watering/feeding to run off and what are the nutrients you’re using? Your temps are at the high end and the RH look great. What’s your input PH and run off PH. It’s been my experience that a lot of issues can be PH related. 1st impression is their hungry but would like to see run off PH and PPMS. They could have plenty of nutrients in the soil but from lack of run off to expel the unused salts from previous feedings could have locked out nutrient uptake :love_you_gesture:


Im using ffof and i do have weep holes in the smaller container i was just expiermenting and seeing what kinda yeild i can get with smaller pots because i have limited space in my grow area i havent really been able to check ph cpming out or ppms much because i have to remove my plants from theor grow space in order to water and checl ppms / ph im getting more in the habit of using the meters to keep a check on things this is my first inddor grow ive always grown outdoors

You need to modify your setup to accommodate this aspect. It is critical in soil and with most nutrients. Also when the plants get larger you do not want to be moving them around more than necessary.
An elevated rack over a saucer solved the problem for me.

Same tent but different setup

FFOF is good soil. Run some pH’s water through them and get pH & PPM readings. Feed accordingly.


:point_up_2: @Bluedream87 excellent advice :love_you_gesture:

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Its easy for me. I don’t do any testing whatsoever. In all fairness I am an anomaly. :+1:


No space for an elevated rack my space is small i dont have a grow tent

you could still put a pot elevator under your big
pot and something to catch the water. for the smaller plant you could just use the coffee can it’s sitting on top of by removing the lid

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