Ppm,tds,ec help

@Skydiver I apologize if my acronyms are off but by RO I mean RunOff from my plants …I currently dont have a Reverse Osmosis filtering setup

Ok lol so your worried about the run off ppm.
I’ve had numbers that high with living soil growing organically and I’m not concerned with those numbers as the over watering…run off is leaching nutrients from the soil and it collects in the saucer. If your cleaning the saucers after each ruin off than each check will show what’s coming out. If you don’t rinse off the saucer each time the residue will build up and your readings won’t be accurate as it’s also including previous solids and will add to what’s really being flushed out.

So what is your soil being used?
What nutrients are you using?
What stage are your plants in…age…veg…flower etc?..
What is your tap water PPM


Yeah, somethings up with that meter. Even if it were on the 700 scale the ec would only be about 5.0

Soil: FoxFarm Ocean floor

Runoffs of 3000+ are pretty normal for ocean forest. Especially if it’s still fresh.


I haven’t added any Nutrients other than 1 1/2tsp of grow big(FoxFarm) mixed into 1 gallon Distilled on 3/21/20 and tested solution prior to administering and reading were as follows; 860ppm@69.F and PH 5.39. I also conducted soil test on 3/21/20 prior to feeding results; 6.0-6.5 range using soil test kit.

I grew them from seed and they are on 18/6 veg schedule these are just random bag seeds so have no clue strain ect.

@Skydiver just tested my tap(havent used for my plants yet) ppm(253@68 PH(7.10)

Those plants look very healthy.
Your tap isn’t too bad at all with those readings.

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I have same issues here and I even tested my pH meter and PPM meter and it’s fine. That’s if I did it right

@Skydiver Thank you I truly love this sh**…I have a question for you have you ever had a Plant skip its 3 sets? The two plants in gray pots seem to be identical except for the one on the right totally skipped her 3 sets and went straight to her 5s…

Every time you water with run off your removing nutrients from your soil.
The very same nutrients that your plant would have used for growing.
I used to water to run off etc etc because that’s what I read here and others were posting. That’s fine if your growing in hydro or coco mediums or using chemical fertilizer in soil.
As I’m growing with a living soil all that stuff becomes unnecessary in my opinion unless something develops that I need to diagnose and fix.

Not sure what growing style your doing or looking to do but you may or may not need to be concerned with.

As far as growth of leaves skipping the 3 fingers and growing 5 I suppose I have but don’t really pay attention to that much. I wouldn’t be worried if it did. These plants never fail to amaze me with their differences even from the same strain and same soil and same nutrients they are all individuals just like you and I are.


If you want to know what your base line is for the soil you use do a slurry test of the soil from the bag.
Take equal parts of fresh soil from the bag and RO or distilled water and put in a cup and stir it up. Wait about 15min or more to let things settle a bit and then check both the PH and the PPM and then you’ll know your starting point.
It’s a good idea to do this anytime before using the soil for growing anything as I’ve had Fox Farms light warrior (starter soil) and my seedlings started struggling and I didn’t understand why as I has used the stuff before only this was from a different bag and when I tested the soil in the seedlings the PH was way low and that was causing the issues. Once I transplanted them to their final pots the issue cleared up. Only things was that they were Autos and didn’t grow as big as they could have because of the rough start they had

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I am staying with soil because thats what Im used to and prepared for as far as supplies but I do have FoxFarm Nutes just dont think I need them quite yet but I did mix up 1gal of distilled/unsulphured molasses that I plan on giving them tommmorrow

I have read that the blackstrap molasses helps with microorganisms in the soil and also provides co2 to plant…also I have no Cal/mag supplement and there is alot of iron ,calcium, and magnesium in it.

You don’t want to pre mix things in general ahead of time.
You want to mix them as needed…used.
So you just used molasses and water?
What’s the thought behind that mix?
Yep sugars/carbs etc are food for the critters.
You’ll be farther ahead by brewing compost teas for 24 hours in bucket with air pump and air stones with some worm castings some molasses etc as that tea will have billions of critters in there and when you water that will help with the soil population etc.
Your brew shouldn’t hurt anything. Just smell it first to make sure it’s not sour etc before feeding it.

Calcium and magnesium additions may be needed but what’s in the molasses won’t cover those needs.
Never heard about the CO2 thing

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Unsulphured blackstrap Molasses all organic and it feeds the microorganisms that are healthy for all the natural processes at the roots as well as providing defense against pests and salt buildups in the root Zone. I am currently researching further but if you google unsulphured blackstrap molasses and marijuana plants there is a ton of info.

@Skydiver Uploading: IMG_20200325_122536.jpg…]()

Yep I use it and have since I started but don’t use it with just water…
Have read a ton of things about using it and many other natural amendments and etas etc etc…
If you want take a look at my 2 grow journals as well as many topics I’ve created or added to on this forum.
Using the search feature…top right Mag glass is great for finding info on things your needing help with and sometimes you’ll be able to read and get questions answered without posting them. By all means ask away just saying…

My first grow

My subsequent grows up to now

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