Ppm seems really low

Growing outside in 30 gallon fabric pots with ffof. I’m using jacks321 at full strength mixed in 5gallon buckets each plants gets it own bucket. Ph is 6.2 in and 6.4 out. Ppm 1000- 1100 in but only 250ish out. Question is how much more can I mix of Jack’s per bucket? Had to do slurry test to get the readings if that matters.

Not sure what you’re asking here. If you’re mixing it per the recipe, then you can fit in what you’re supposed to.

Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.5g of Epsom salt


That’s what I am following I just mix it in 5 gallon buckets. ( 18g A 12g B and 6g Epsom) was asking if I increase to say 21g A 14g B and 9g Epsom would that help? First year using Jack’s and only second grow but so far I like it.

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What do your plants look like? If they aint broke dont try to fix em.
These are in plain ol dirt


I’ll get a recent picture not home right now. They look good some lower leaves are turning yellowish. But they are getting huge filling out my canopy screen nicely.

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Here r a few I have cal mag being delivered today.

This is from under the canopy

Thanks for the help everyone

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So there are a few things you can do and not change anything drastically. Number one… all the yellow older stuff, pluck it all off… move on to starting at the bottom of each plant remove all secondary branches ( the ones growing out of the main branches ) all the way up to 3 nodes below the tops. You have no need for larfy dime sized nugs. This does a few things for you, it opens the underside up to better air flow, it reduces the need for the plant to keep pumping N into useless plant material, it reduces the hiding places for unwanted visitors. It reduces weight so the branches can hold up the much larger colas you will also get as a result of removing the larfy crap branches. In general, any branch that will not break through the main canopy before flower set is garbage. Sure it will get some bud on it, but it wont have bag appeal, it will be a lot of work for little reward, and your main colas will suffer for it.
Once you get that concept, you will be removing many branches that are what I call whips… or some call sucker branches. Ill show you what I mean in a second, let go photo a plant.

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Ok I took a few pics for my explanation.
Here is the plant… she is a Balkh standing roughly 8 feet tall at this point. Likely 2 weeks from flower set. T

He next image shows 2 major branches and a heap of whips or suckers that I removed

The next image shows the progressive removal of tertiary branches that are deep in the plant and wont contribute much to my stash.

If you look closely you can see I have removed all branches from the main stem outwards, I will continue to do that on a weekly basis so long as flowering hasn’t begun. At all times any dead or dying leafy matter is removed. Dont want moldy garbage in my plants.
heres a better shot… note the missing branches


I have kind of been doing that I have trimmed off all branches that didn’t make first screen. But I see what u mean about increasing air flow. I have been removing yellow leave as I seem them but I’ll so a deep dive in to them tomorrow to get them all. But besides adding cal mag I’ll continue with Jack’s the way it is.

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Well I see a bunch of smaller little minor branches in your photo that I would get nasty with. Just clip them all off. Leave only the thick ones that are dominant. You poke around in tha canopy for a while and they will soon become obvious. Then you will have pretty much only colas and no larfy stuff. Or at least very little.

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Better get my shears ready lol goingto have a busy few morning’s. Thanks again for the advice.