Ppm runoff feed

Ok so my plant just switched to flower and my goal ppm is 900ppm right now. Right now the run off with ph water is 650 (tap water being 250). Does that mean I only need to feed her 250ppm the next feed? Or do I need to feed her 1150ppm next feed? I guess my question is should your goal ppm be the run off ppm or the intake feed ppm?

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It’s a combination of both. You’re checking to see how much you fed, and when you check run off, you’re checking to see how much it’s consuming. When the numbers are higher in run off than going in, it’s an over feed issue. Underfed is when there’s almost no ppm in run off. You want a number that’s close to what you fed, like the numbers you have now. As long as they’re not showing any deficiencies you’re doing good.

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She is showing signs of a cal mag deficiency I think but am not sure

light green on tops and a few bottom leaves are yellow with some brown blotches on it and she’s always drooping. She just entered flower maybe 5 days ago.and if any advice on nutrient mixing of how much of each part would be nice to know also, am struggling with it.

Let’s see if we can make her happier looking. It’s looking like underwatering. How much water?

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Looks like everything is still in line.
Random question, how fast are you feeding/watering?
Sometimes FFOF becomes hydrophobic and you have to water it just a little bit, until the soil absorbs it. It still looks under watered to me. If you’re getting run off from the very bottom, and not the sides then we’ll look at something else.

Growing in fabric pots sometimes the water will run off the top, and then down the sides if you water too quickly. Try watering again, your plants are mature enough that they’ll be okay.
Water just about a cup on top, wait for it to be absorbed, then water only enough that the soil keeps up with the absorption rate. That should fix it if that’s the issue.

I hope that helps.

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I feed off water off feed ect. I’m using 70% happy frog soil mixed with 30% perlite. I water a cup at a time(no water runs off sides) and I water or feed that way till I get run off. Usually takes about 1.5-2 liters to get a quarter solo cup full of runoff.

Try shooting for a full cup next time. See if it improves. Either we will get this figured out, or it’s just a sad plant. I’ve seen a few on here that just look sad from day one of birth. I know I’ve had a couple.

Do you mean a full cup of runoff? And it looked really good up till day 16. I had to flush it because ppms were 3000+, I flushed down to 600 ppm. Been trying to nurse her back to health ever since. It’s day 37 now.

Full solo cup of run off.

Ok I will do that. Do you have a recommendation on how much of each nute to feed her? I use gh

Your plant looks good other than the wilt look. As long as you’ve been feeding cal-mag, following their schedule. I think your doing alright.

Why did you flush all the nutrients out of the soil? Fox farm soils are suppose to be over 2000 ppm, that’s what feeds the plants.

If you wanted all the nutrients out of the soil you should have grown in coco.

I really hate chasing numbers when the plant otherwise is healthy, you did damage and that’s why the plant looks so sad.

I didn’t know that at the time I bought the soil so when I saw the high ppm I was really surprised. Mistake on my part. And advice on how to feed her now?

I think you are going to have to feed it every watering just as if it was coca and carefully monitor it. Just going to be more work.

Okay would you recommend a high ppm feed like say 1500ppm?

Does GH have a feed schedule for soil that you can follow?

I use Fox Farms when growing in soil and their feed schedule for early flowering shows ppm between 1750 and 2100. By week 4 of flower it goes up a little, then starts decreasing to about 1000 ppm in last week of feeding. But don’t base your feeding on Fox Farm schedule, use general Hydroponics’

Okay I’ll look it up see if I can find one

I found 11 different General Hydroponics feed charts depending on the product line and type of hydroponics system, but none for soil.

Not sure what you should do. I read on a drain to waste feed chart that it can be used with soil, although I’m not sure if it requires feeding to runoff or not.

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