PPM Run off too high!

Hello everyone. I am currently going on my 3rd week of flowering with soil (fox farms ocean Forrest plus added perlite) when I tested the run off and noticed It’s at 5000 ppm!!! My plants are not showing any nutrient deficiencies on the leaves. The ph run off was 6.2 and I just watered with only 900 ppms. So my question is should I run a flush even though I just watered them to get the ppms back down or wait a couple days? I do not want to over water or do anything to mess up my grow. Any advice would help. Thank you.

Wait a couple days, dont risk further damage to the roots by overwatering :slight_smile: slow and steady wins the race :wink:

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How do you suppose it got so high? That seems way up there if feeding 900, which doesn’t sound excessive.

@Matthew420 who me?

Oh, yeah. @Majiktoker

My opinion there is to many minerals contained in the soil, which is causing the ppms to skyrocket when watered. Or to many minerals contained in the water which get dragged out in the soil due to competing elements

@Majiktoker @Matthew420 to be honest I don’t know how it got so high, I only feed nutes every other watering , but I’ve been lazy and haven’t checked the run off in a few weeks but not thinking I had to as I haven’t seen any real problems. But today I decided to and was shocked at what I saw! I have been using the GH flora series as my base. I have florakleen as well, how much should i use to get the ppms back down to the 1000 range ?

Makes sense. Smart answer :slight_smile:

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I kinda do the same. I don’t really check runoff as I don’t get much to check. Everything looks good so I’m leaving it alone :-).

I will need to check soon though, I want to make sure it’s low before harvest.

@Majiktoker so my plants are fine for now then and shouldn’t suffer and future problems until I flush ? Because they look completely fine right now

If its a flushing agency bottle should say how to use, honestly id get a little bit of soil ( from your pot about a pinch), place on plate and put a splash of water on it, if it runs out a brownish color get a reading, if it comes out clear get a reading this will give you a better idea of how much to use. Of,course when,doing so test a pinch with out florakleen and test a pinch with florakleen to get fair estimate on how much you would need to use, im sure some one has better advise but thats my opinion on that

Just keep an eye on them thats not good and im sure toxic levels and just cause you dont see it right away doesn’t mean its not there :smile: again just keep an eye on things and they may not even suffer problems when flushed they may do even better, maybe cut back on there feeding dosages

I thought so to lol

@Majiktoker alright thanks. I just took a pinch off the top of the soil and it only came out to 550 ppm. My pots are taller than they are wide, could it be just nutrients built up at the bottom of the soil that maybe my roots may not have reached yet? And that’s why there’s no problems so far? Also would I just need to give it more water at once to fix that?

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Yes that very well could be, also yes you just give more water or wait longer periods of time to feed like once every other week so that way she can take water in between feedings to keep elements at bay and my pleasure

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If her runoff comes out dark brown that is a sure sign you’ll need to cut down on nutrients. The dark brown color is all the toxins being rinsed from the soil


@Majiktoker it came out at about a medium brown color. Not very dark , a little more than light brown and again thanks!

Medium brown means their are still light toxins in your soil, regular water 1-3 more times should fix that :slight_smile:, again my pleasure

Happy growings


That seems high my little blue generic PPM meter reads in three digits so are you sure you’re not mistaking 500 for 5000?

I’m just asking because I used both of the products you’ve mentioned and because I’m hoping I can help, I usually have about a hundred and fifty Max for a runoff so I’m questioning your readings


mine has a tenth power on it…meaning when i go over a thousand ppms a x10 will show up telling me i am over a thousand ppm…