Ppm problems with ecothrive 70/30

Hi I’ve just started two plants in above mentioned coco/perlite. Now I know it’s hot already but I’m following instructions on feed and medium.
No other plants are doing this. None of the others are doing this.

I am putting in 1/4,feed mayne 600ppm and both reading 3000 to 6000. Plants are fine after transplant so I’m hoping they settle down.
Imdoot cellar
600 hps
27 30c
20 21.c off
Canna line
One ak47(kalashnikov)
One nortgernlights
Both autos

Any help always appreciated. I’m hoping it’s the nature of the beast and is normal and will settle down. Some reassuring too guys thanks from the uk

I know I shouldn’t transplant autos but they needed it. I hgermed too many and had to make do with a one litre. Ow in 22l

Welcome to the group @Damo. What’s your EC value and for the ppm readings what TDS meter are you using? Some have different ranges built in. Some are designed at 500 and some at 700. Typically the EC value will be twice your PPM’s. I’ve had to do complete root rinses and repot with cal mag buffered coco, risky depending on the plants age but she took off after that. I take run off readings after every nute feed with water in between and measure that run off to adjust next nute feeding. Hope this helps a little.

What brand of coco are you using? If you’re not sure why I’m asking, most need to be rinsed well and buffered prior to use, then kept somewhat wet. Otherwise you will see problems exactly like you’re having.

Hi now what has happened I think with most of them. I’ve reused coco and didn’t pre rinse (newbie). They were originally bottom fed. Not my choice but made it easier. I have since flushed them and I’m now getting a much lower ppm. Great. I’m hoping it will level out but the two in question are ecothrive. New. I k ow it’s charged but 6000 ppm is a joke. I’m hoping this is noal for ecothrive. I haven’t flushed these but did pre rinse slightly. Still at 4500. Thanks guys appreciate it

Ffs. I put 25 litres through a vegging strawberry kush down to within 100 ppm of what went in. Today I water more than enough liquid at 3/4 strength and my run off was 12.0.ec 6000ppm

Somewhat wet as in in increase watering frequency. Only gonna give autos 1/4 to 1/2, strength from now on. My photos are behaving better. Just can’t understand 6000ppm in the ecothrive even after phing and rinsing

Flushing will wipe out your high ppm, but not necessarily help calcium. There is good chance the coco will suck up all your calcium, leaving none available for your plants.

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Thanks guys it’s more under control.
My main question was regarding ecothrive 70/30 it said its charged but why so high?