PPM or EC for Sour D Auto


We are now in Week 7 of our grow of a single Sour D Auto. I have her in a 20 gal tub that has a little more than 10 gals of fluid in it.

I am using Fox Farms nutes (Big Bloom / Grow Big / Tiger Bloom). On my first grow, I followed their dosing advice and got a decent result with a Northern Lights Auto. On this grow, the Sour D girl did not like nigh levels of nutes, so currently she has about 550ppm 1.0 EC. The FF dosage chart would indicate nearly double the nute levels. Given her earlier reluctance to thrive in stronger solutions, I’m not comfortable adding more. On the other side, I want to make sure she gets as big as she can be.


As long as you’re not seeing any deficiencies and she’s growing just fine I wouldn’t worry too much. Every plant is different when it comes to nutrient levels and strengths, some like more some like less just if you pointed out. Some plants don’t like the same pH levels either.

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Thanks Undercover Man! I say, she’s not doing too bad. If her ultimate strength is anything like her odor right now, I think we will be having a very Happy Thanksgiving.