Ppm levels first time grow

Hey this is my first time growing and my ppm reader keeps throwing me different numbers what do i do

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Welcome to the forum.

Try calibrating it. Beyond that you may have an unreliable meter.


Welcome! What meter are you using?

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They are cheap, buy another and compare

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Welcome to the community ! 1st verify your meter in a standard conductivity solution. meter should read Whatever range solution you purchase. A 1000 or 1500 umho’s range would be good to check meter.

Thanks for the help and welcoming of the group I’ve calibrated may ppm at first I got same number over and over again now when I check it it changes multiple times maybe it broke somehow guess I’ll buy new

I’ll send picks of set up and everything when I get home I’m pretty damn proud of myself I killed it I think on set up I read a lot before I started did a lot of studying so I’m pretty confident in my grow but it’s nice to be able to talk to ppl about this cause I don’t want anyone to know so I don’t tell anyone or want anyone’s advice unless it can be like this you know