PPM is Low and PH is off

Spot on then gradually raise ppms if you need to

If say your input is 5.8 and your runoff is outside optimal ph for coco and comes out at like 5.4 or 6.5

I was going to point out that what you are seeing is more like 3,000 ppm.

Ok guys I’m going to tap water, added nutes almost full strength and ph my water to 6.3 and my ppm is 571. Ok How would I raise ppm from here for a 7 week grow ??

Are you trying to correct an imbalance in your pH? Although I do not grow in coco, I think you are shooting for a pH of 5.8.

Did you get an exit pH reading?

You may have seen something like this before, however, here it is for reference.

Continued success in your grow. :call_me_hand:


What is your tap ppm? To raise your ppm, more nutes will need to be added to your water.


Yes cococ and hydro is 5.8 ideally.

@Bobbydigital is providing amazing support here your in good hands.

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Move it on uuup

Up the feed. I’m in the same predicament with a week 6 auto. I fed 800ppm and run off was 500ppm. Next feed I’m upping to 1200ppm to get my runoff to about 900ppm.

Ok I uped the nute dosage I’m putting in 900 ppm and runoff is 1500 . What the heck ???

You need to add lime if you’re growing in FFOF. Trust me, I’ve had failed grows because FFOF’s ph dips way too low for no reason, and the lime will act as a buffer to keep ph in range.

You can get it at home depot (called Epsoma garden like I think), grind it up in a coffee grinder and top dress with 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of soil, and water it in. Your ph should rise immediately as long as it’s fine and grounded up from the coffee grinder but usually takes a week or so to really settle into your soil.

Flushing will do nothing but starve and kill your plant, the low ph is due to the Ocean Forest getting old and not because of any salt buildup since your ppm is that low. I’ve actually made a thread about this same exact thing and this was the solution I found.

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What soil do you use Tank?

Ocean Forest. I’m not sure why the ph dips so low when it gets old but I think it might have to do with the organic matter being consumed, the oyster shell ph buffer not working properly or just overall poor drainage of FFOF. adding perlite might help with this but I never tried it. Once I started adding lime my ph has always been within range and I never had to worry at all.

FFOF is known for ph fluctuations, for some reason Happy Frog already has lime added to it I think but Ocean Forest doesn’t.

I’ll definitely check the pH of FFOF then. Thanks!

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That’s y I use nutes early to not deplete it it depletes in evenly and something is in abundance when other stuff is near gone causing imbalance …to say what it is Is hard to tell

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@fano_man just hit the nail on the head. Fox farm schedule calls for you to start feeding right away at seedlings and I use it as they recommend, of course you’ll have to tweak it a little for different strains

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Exactly …early pushing greatly increases your plants food tolerance and gets it anerobicly inshape …able to process all the nutes without burn… if you rev nutes at any stage you will get a stall and a burn best to get em ready early and your stall and burn are kept to a minimum since your starting early… and you can’t say oh well fox farm ocean forest is hot… I’m sure fox farm has experimented with… fox farm dirt… all kinds… and …fox farm nutes… all kinds they ain’t gonna tell you to scorch your plants they make money on the resale and repeat customers


Ahhhh that makes sense. I still highly recommend adding lime to your soil mix, it really is a savings grace for ph problems, also adds a little cal mag to your soil.