Ppm is high....help

Hey all
Just measured my runoff and it was 2165…since I’m a new grower, I’m not sure why it’s so high or what to do about it.

What medium are you growing in. That looks pretty standard for soil

Do a couple flush straight RO water before any more feedings. What’s the ppm of water/nutes going in?

Growing in Ocean forest soil in a 5 gallon fabric pot

Need some details. How long have they been going, have you added any additional nutrients? Ocean Forest starts at around 3000-5000 ppm. If these aren’t added nutrient ppms, you’re fine.

I’ve been giving them Tiger Bloom and they are in the 8th week of flower right now

If they are in their 8th week of flower then their metabolism is most likely starting to slow up and should be finishing within the next couple weeks.

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Are you doing the flush schedule? Sounds like you may have some salt buildup

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I plan on starting the flush today…is that a good idea?

Yeah, with fox farms nutrients they call for a flush every 4 weeks

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Hey one last question for you all…when I’m doing my flush, should I flush until the runoff ppm is zero? Or what’s a good number to get down too?

I aim for under 1000 for salt buildup. For final, pre-harvest flush I usually stop around 300.

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