Ppm in nutriens blom


when i follow my stretch of nutrients tex hesi bloom 50ml / 10L yes use and check my ppm after i only get up to 500 and when i check ppm on clean water does it show 125ppm true detra really?

I uses hesi nutrients.

others use 1000-1400ppm in bloom.

How to calibrate a ppm meter?

grateful for answers.

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I have never heard of TDS/PPM meters needing calibration. I don’t think they need to be calibrated. Your reading is true I think. I could be wrong. Thats an interesting question.

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When you say clean water what are you referring to Distilled or Ro water ?
I have well water and
I use a triple filter filtration system
sediment ,iron , and a carbon filter and my ppm are still 330 ppm after the filters I also have a ro filter system and even then my ppm are around 30 or lower
I also use a water softener for my home
But water used to feed plants is taken before the softener FYI softened water is NG for plants

@GFDuke is correct the tds meter does not need to be calibrated
They do sell test fluid that’s a know ppm you can test your meter with to ensure it’s reading true you can find it on Amazon


Ok thanks

That was on point the meter,better on it now i Think.