Ppm help and advice


I got a blueberry bliss auto growing and I’m still fighting her, I’m not sure what’s going on, so I need some help/suggestions, but certain spots at the top of the canopy is yellowing, I wasn’t sure if it was light burn, ph, deficiency, nute lock out or what but I’ll post my recent info as of today with pics down below,

5 gal Dwc bucket " soon to be changed to a 17 gal dwc"
Strain is auto blueberry bliss,
Nutes are flora series with floralicous plus and super thrive
Ph is 6.0
Rh high is 55 low as 35
Res temp is 67
Temp is 77 high and low of 67
Lights I’m currently using are 6500k mixed with 2700k cree Led flood lights
Using dechlorynated tap with a starting ppm of 150.
I feed plants 950 to 1000 ppm included tap ppm

Now this plant is about 3 to 4 times bigger then what the selling site listed it at, and right before I topped off the res, my ppm was at 2200ppm… so is this lockout or the plant just wanting more water then Nutes ?

Total size

I’d guess 3 weeks into flower

The Yellowing in just that 1 spot…

What do you all think?

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This is somewhat correct. There might be some things released from the plant as well. I see that she has pistils, so it looks like she’s still stretching. At this point she might be drinking all she can to keep up.
The thing with PPM/TDS you don’t know what element the plant is utilizing, and which ones aren’t. I think everything looks good, Other than the yellowing. So I wouldn’t stress too much. Just continue to monitor, and adjust if needed.
She looks great.
Probably need a bit of extra nitrogen during the stretch period. Those leaves won’t change, but watch for new growth that’s okay.



That’s what I was hoping you all would say, I greatly appreciate the help and feed back thanks!!!