Ppm for second week of glower

Hello peeps. Once again I need to ride the boat tail of a seasoned vet but with knowledge of the flora gro nutrients. I’m in week 2 of flowering and the chart I’ve been going by says one thing and everything else says another as far as ppm. I followed the measurements as it said but it only has 320 ppm and should be around 750ppm. So sobieski just add another dose of nutrients to bring it up or should I focus on a particular nutrient? Thanks in advance.

The better question is what do your plants look like? Do they look hungry?
Do they have excess nitrogen signs?
Every strain is different and the schedule is only a guideline. @Borntogrow

Plants are droppy and curling downward and inward. Look like they are asleep all day

Should be around 950-1150

What chart do you have?

A chart that came with the box of nutrients

Mil Per gallon
7.5 flora micro
2.5 flora grow
10 flora bloom
1 floralicious
1 liquid cool bloom