Ppm for hydro during flower


10-12ml micro 20-24ml bloom (plus 5ml Calmag 2.5ml Silicate) Any sweeteners flora nectar Sweet or Carbo load at 5ml :wink:
I think the thing you are are missing is Liquid Koolbloom and additives they quickly add another 4-500ppm


I use 8ml micro 16ml bloom but also add LKB Silicate and sweet with Cal-mag every other feeding puts me around 11-1200ppm


Im also using,kool bloom,florisious plus,cal mag but when i checked last night i was at 840 ppm


Clearly you guys like the Koolbloom. I was considerIng adding that to my mix. Was going to add that at Floranectar the last two weeks. Is that when I should do it or should I do it sooner?


I started at switch time,but really not sure