Ppm for hydro during flower

What should i be running for ppm at first flower time

@Happygrow it depends on the nutes you are using. They should have a feed chart listed online and have the ppm range

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Ill take a look,thank you. General hydroponics 3 part,i havent really paid
much attention to the ppm,have a good turn out but now im after some large

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@Happygrow always, always, always watch ppm! You can nute burn your plants by overfeeding or give them deficiencies by underfeeding or locking out nutes! It can also affect quality, taste, yield, and potency of your crop! Gh has theirs listed online, just make sure you look for you setup (dtw or recirc)

Im doing dwc,latewood had an artjcal awhile back that i hage been
using,never had any nute burn,i just think i need to pay closer attention
to ppm to really get some good growth

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@Happygrow oh no doubt youll get growth, but once you start paying attention to the ppms goin in and coming out, you can tell how much your girls are eating and you can adjust accordingly! Then you can really tell a difference! I have an auto mixpack coming and i want to experiment with nutes and lights and see how it affects yields and such! Stay tuned!

@Happygrow glad youre gettin it dialed in! Got any pics of the ladies?

As soon as my lights come on ill send some. This whole ppm adjusment seems to confuse me

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@Happygrow dont let it fret you! I use GH flora series. It gives you ppm range per week for veg and then flower. Also, the amts of nutes it tells you to add, usually fall within the suggested ppm range on the chart! Just check your runoff. If you know you put 950 ppm in for nutes and your runoff is higher, say 1200ppm, then you have nute buildup in soil. Vice versa if it comes out lower i believe!

How do you know how much of each to add

@Happygrow your nute feed schedule shows ypu how many ml of each nute to add. If you have drastic imbalances in nutes, then leaves will tell you whats going on. Ill tag some other growers over who are more experienced. They will help you/us out!
@bob31 @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Donaldj

Here is a deficiency chart

You’re using Lucas method then?

I think thats it,right now im using 2mn grow, 8 ml micro and 16 ml bloom

all of the GH feeding schedules are posted on their website. @Happygrow

Just checked ppm,830 , how do i raise up to 1100

Add nutes @Happygrow

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You figure out your ratio of each of the nutrients. In your case you said you are using all 3: micro, grow and bloom. If you are following a nutrient schedule it might tell you something like this one does:

So let’s say for the transition (the week or two after you switch the lights to 12/12) it says to use 1 teaspoon of micro, grow and bloom. So you make your water as usual and discover your PPM with that amount is 800. But you want to push your plants to 1000 or so.

You just increase your nutrients at the same ratio as you already are using, so you would add equal amounts of each nutrient in the Trio line during that week to up your PPM. For this example it is a 1:1:1 ratio. For week 5 of flower your ratio would be something like 1:0.5:1.5. That’s how I do it but you could easily just increase one of the nutrients if you thought that would do the trick too. For flower you could increase Bloom to up PPM. I don’t really know enough about different NPK levels to range far away from the feed charts available by GH myself. The one I posted here follows the GH Trio schedule exactly but reduces the nutes to about 2/3rds.

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Im at 2 ml grow, 8ml micro and 16 bloom so i could add half of that to increase ppm equally

I appreciate the tag @VelcroThumb Ppm is an interesting thing to consider. Just remember to check you ppm of you water source that you’re using before adding nutrients and count that against your final number. That’s just from what I’ve read. To bring up your ppm, @Happygrow you add nutrients. The ppm a form of measuring of the amount of Parts Per Million within the water/nutrient solution. Happy growing. Yes you could add all of those equally to bump PPM equally.