Ppm for co2 and temp

Any recommendations 2nd day of flower what ppms do yall recommend and temp and Rh

Temp: somewhere between 65 and 85 is ideal.

RH should be <50% for flowering. The later in flowering you get, the lower you can take it

I run ~1,000 PPM for nutes in flower.

CO2 is a waste of time and money for the vast majority growers. You need a closed environment (also creates temp and RH problems,) high intensity lighting, and capable of managing high nute levels without burning the plant. It’s just not worth it.

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I already have a closed loop on my tent the temp is running at 86 degrees rn with around 1200ppm of co2 but I’ve noticed that co2 puts out more rh into my environment

But my run off last night i checked after I fed was around 1699ppm in the water.

Are you running RDWC or similar? What lights are you using?

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Im in soil ahaha under a 600 rspec from hlg

You mean what ppm and ph the plants recommend ? @Budbunny that’s what you have to figure out from the plants love , it’s no way to know , it can vary from plant to plant even in the same grow tent ? Your soil should have a ph balance out the bag , and yourcwater has a ph out the tap or well or aquarium you using .
For seedling :seedling: =5.5 - 6.0 ?
For Vegging 🪴 = 5.8 - 6.2 ?
For Flowering :bouquet:= 6.0 - 6.5 ?
But those ranges can easily vary from strain to strain and climate , above or below tge Equator matter as well , so it’s many components to range ppm and ph as each plants is raise in growing !
It’s no set number as to this or that and that’s perfect , :ok_hand:it’s a ratio of a 3 different minerals available in the right N.P.K ratio for photosynthesis. If you can grow grass , which is not easy as many think cannabis is hard , try feeding your lawn for a nice even grass type season to season , it’s no gallons , the mathematics changes into square footages with can be more challenging for most novice growers .

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Mainly Talking about the ppm for co2 @yoshi but thanks man!!

1200 -1400 is plenty but make sure to have a good ventilation system so you don’t stretch out after releasing the gas in the tent , I’ve seen it happened and been through a jury trial behind that samethibg Co2 .

I have a closed loop on my Tent @yoshi but what do you mean by stretch out??

Dead. Pushing up the daisies. Defunct. Tot.

You probably need two 600 Rspec to get to light levels that would actually help use CO2. Soil makes it tough to push high nutrient loads as well.


If you run the required amount of ppm in co2 which is about 1200ppm , that will kill you if you don’t ventilate that properly . Silent killer !
I was building my last farm :tractor:and had an immigrant working and he thought he could used Co2 from the exhaust of the boom picker 40ft boom lift and killed his damn self and I had to go through a few court trials behind that until it was proven negligence, had maybe 14 plants I was try to bloom out as we were making all the necessary modification to an old Rock Curry we converted in to a growing facility, I could not believe he did that, 2 weeks in and a suspicious death occurrence, it’s been a mad mission in one way or another for us I swear , but that’s just apart of getting established when others try to cut corners , freak accidents like that happen. I’m not saying you will do some crazy like that but that Co2 is very dangerous and it will grow some big fat huge buds , but if you nor careful , you won’t smoke them ! Plus I would not recommend using a gas generator indoors unless it’s regulated by engineer who brave enough to take those chances , I like to smoke and don’t want to get smoked by invisible tasteless gas that just zip you to sleep and it’s over !


I got a ac fan thats the only thing running out my window but I have the bottom portion of my temt gorilla taped and I have one exhaust fan to bring temp down if it gets passed 83 and one fan in the inside (closed loop) to circlelate air in their plus two fans and im useing a Bottle with a Controller/monitor… when co2 is on im try keep door closed. Also picked up a exhale grow bag and, im trying to order co2 detector handheld so I know out side of tent and Room.

@yoshi make sure to have a good ventilation system so( you don’t stretch out after releasing the gas in the tent…) what do you mean by that

it was answered above what was meant by that already Budbunny. They were politely saying “so you DON’T DIE”… from carbon monoxide/dioxide poisoning? That’s actually a good question, if you implement a Co2 burner in your grow space and it emits Co2, is it still Co2 as it “exhausts” OUT of your grow space? “Exhaust” from most i.c. engines is MONOXIDE, and hence why the thought crossed my mind about whether it’s still Co2 or Co as it “exhausts” the grow space…

(leaves this ponderance for another time as it is ENTIRELY too far above my pay-grade for my current stated of zooted… LOL)

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I don’t mess with this stuff. My grandma committed suicide by running the car in the garage. I won’t even use Natural Gas either. I worked in a hospital and saw all kinds of fatalities that could have been prevented.

Just food for thought.


Co2 is not to be taken likely , I’ve had to pull a brother out the grow room and he was using like 15 five gallon buckets of yeast and it bout rock his clock if I would have not got him out of there , but I strongly suggest a co2 monitor and in a tent it’s just not safe due to zipper leaks and no proper insulation or ventilation it could be a recipe for disaster . When we run the gas out at the farm , it usually takes about 3 days for the flower room to ventilate and I send a rat :rat: or dog :dog2: in there first lol , no but we do have to cycle down the room for 3 days after the co2 is engaged .


It’s to much of a high risk of human life for the life of buds , please be extremely extra careful and if you are in doubt , give it more time :timer_clock:, do not take the gas likely , it will kill you that is it’s job !

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Alright thanks @yoshi ill consider it more thanks for the advise man Foreal co2 is a Silent Killer !!

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I had been in 2 court cases on this journey from guys killing themselves in the grow room dealing with gas :fuelpump:. A lost of human life is the ultimate teacher my friend .

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