Ppm for autos start of week 4 of flower

Hey so I’m growing auto flowers in soil and they are starting week 4 of flower! When you check the ppm do u test the run off water? If so what’s a good ppm? I just watered them and tested the runoff and the ppm was 556.

It’s good practice to test your ppm every time you water, you will notice quality soil will start to drop in ppm and need feeding about week 4 of veg or week 1 of flower.
There is no set ppm because different minerals effect ppm, different nutes and soils read different as well as plants need to get used to higher ppm’s.
Personally I run 1400-1800 ppm in flower.
Start small though, boost your ppm up to 1200 you should be safe.
What does your water read before any nutes?
Add 700 on top of that is my suggestion.

Some call for as low as 1100ppm and some call for as much as 2000ppm in flower… It all depends on how the plant grew to this point.
Do you know what your ppm’s were every week prior?


I’ve never tested my ppm before fairly new to growing. So I think your saying test my water ppm after I add the nutes? What I just did was just fed them ph’d water and tested the runoff. I usually feed nutes every other time.

I tested my water and the ppm was 53 before adding nutes.

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I’m using gereral hyponics. So next time I add nutes I’ll test the ppm

figures I take a couple pics so u can see. One is with the grow light on the other is off with a flash. They seem to be doing really good so far.


Wow you have really low ppm, are you using RO or distilled water?

The more information you have the better you and all of us will grasp what’s going on, start by always checking your ppm & PH of your water without nutes and record it in your grow journal (either start a thread in the journal section, start a notepad in your grow or do both)

Personally I have only used one type of nutrients and they follow a ppm guide, so I’m not used to any other sort of instructions, I find it much easier as I can fill as lare or as small of container I want and the mixing instructions are just so much easier. You can find this out on your nutes by following their exact directions and then noting what tds/ppm it reads. Ultimately ppm is a better idea because it’s more accurate and more universal. Although it’s far from perfect.

Always measure your TDS and PH of your water before feeding and your run off.
When feeding measure your TDS and then wire it down, add your nutes and then measure your TDS and PH it accordingly, then again measure your TDS and PH of your run off.

Personally I haven’t really been able to seen a point in measuring PH run off in soil, it’s such a good buffer that even if my PH is coming out at Wierd levels yet I keep it going in at 6.4-6.8 things seem to do fine but I keep doing it until I figure it out one day.

Pictures look good, your in your 4th week of flower you said? Yeah upp those ppm’s and hope you can pack on some weight before you have to harvest. What strain is it and what does the seller claim in flower time?
When are you going to harvest?


I’m using waster right from my faucet there is a filter in my watering system in the house. I really appreciate your help. This is my 4th grow and my first one was not very impressive lots of issues my 2nd got better and my 3rd was pretty good. So far this one is going very good I think. I know I’m getting better every time and I’m so glad I joined this forum everyone has been very nice and helpful. Again thanks so much it means so much to get help from knowledgeable people


Yes week 4 of flower. 2 are white widow Dinefam. Then 3 are hububbasmelescope mephesto genetics and 3 are SODK mephesto genetics. They all say 75 days from seed. I’ll definitely be checking trics before harvesting

Actually Sunday is the start of week 4 of flower

Well that 53ppm shows your water filters are working good.
Be sure to fill two 5 gallon buckets or something with the water then let it sit for 24hr, this let’s it warm up and any chlorine will evaporate (although if you have a carbon filter this will filter it out already)
My waters 160-200ppm depending on the season and runs through a simple under the sink carbon filter on my kitchen sink (I live in a small mobile home so only real sink I have lol) but come flush time I just put my plants in the sink and turn on the tap slow for 10 or 15min.

One think you need to be wary of us the finish line, that’s why I asked about the flowering time claimed by the seed company, as well as what type of high your looking for (I’m a indica couch lock type of guy but I also grow sativas with cerebral highs for my retired father)
Because you will need 2 weeks of flushing prior to finishing so this effects when you need to stop feeding and start flushing.

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Ya the flush is where I e failed my other grows didn’t flush long enough but each grow I’ve flushed longer but I’ve got a good plan for this flush. I’ll probably harvest when about 10% turn amber

The white widow will definitely take longer than the 75 days they seemed to stay in a pre flower state for a lot longer than the others

Although by this chart maybe I should let more turn amber it seems the older I get the more susceptible I am to getting anxiety from smoking? I assume letting them turn more amber will be better for me?

You have to decide what you want and it’s not going to perfection the first time you grow a strain, flushing takes time and that means it has to be factored into when you actually want to harvest.
So for me I really like couch lock as I’m a smoke, Netflix, bed type of smoker.
So I start flushing once I start to see Amber.
Some people will start flushing when they have 40% cloudy… I personally think a solid flush is more important than the perfect harvest time because it makes for such a difference smoking, smoothness etc.

Ps do you find the mopheseo genetics are alot better?

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This is my first time growing them but from what I’ve read they are supposed to be really good and high yielding. So far at this point they are looking really good the structure is pretty nice and the SODK is getting pretty frosty already. My other grows I used hps/ mh light this grow I switched to led so next grow will be a good test the led I’m using now has a bit too much blue so early on they didn’t stretch as much as I would have liked but now I know and can turn on the bloom switch a bit earlier to get more stretch

I have heard the same but I found he really didn’t have alot of strains with traits I wanted.
I want to find 1:2 cbd:thc ratio, sativa that is strong, uplifting and energetic followed by another 1:2 cbd to thc with a knockout bed time indica that just melts you into the couch and makes your eyes heavy maybe.

What light are you using for what size tent?

Oh and as far as your anxiety goes it really depends on the strain as much as it does when you harvest. My girlfriend has diagnosed anxiety that she manages and some strains just make her anxious while others can make her high not couch locked one bit and no anxiety

I’m using a viperspectra 1200 watt in a 4X4 tent seems to be perfect for that size tent

I was using both veg and bloom for the 1st 3 weeks and they were so short and a guy in here suggested I turn off the veg for a bit so I did for 2 weeks and they tripled in height. So next grow I’m going to run both for the first 2 weeks and then just run the bloom for 3 weeks and they should be much bigger and yield a lot more

Ahh so it’s a 520w power led burple, people have had some success with them but I’m sure your going to be missing your HPS.
Definitely no Samsung boards but should still grow okay, I’m not really familiar with them but I know some people use them.
The veg should be for veg and the bloom should be for bloom… Hmm