PPM feeding schedule for DWC hydro

From a fellow grower: Do you have a PPM feeding schedule for DWC hydroponic growing for the BLUE DREAM strain? I really need help with this to know what my PPM aka “parts per million” should be at all times through out the grow to harvest stages.

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@ILGM.Support I have tagged @Myfriendis410 as he knows a truckload of stuff. :+1::+1::+1:

Blue Dream is a fine plant and not hard to grow.

TDS of solution in veg at peak growth would be no higher than 800 ppm (500 scale) and I would not go over 1,000 in peak flower.

This is assuming high performance lighting, maintaining the correct VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit).

DWC can be a real problem if rez size is small. For example using a 5 gallon bucket means you have only 3.5 gallons of solution. A flowering plant can drink 1 gallon or more per day so you will be filling that rez daily. Not fun.

RDWC with a chiller would be my preferred hydro method. Also; look at autopots: there are a few grow journals on here with folks using them.

Thanks heaps for that myfriends410!
Also would you happen to know the PPM’s for Skywalker OG, California Dream & Gold Leaf??
If you could answer there 3 as well that would be awesome!!! Thanks again for your help.

The numbers I gave you are a safe peak value and some plants can tolerate more while others, less. Only the grower could determine if an increased push of nutes would help or harm the plant. In my experience if I go over 1,200 ppm I will burn the plants. The best tool you have is your own intellect: if the plant looks good don’t do anything haha.


Okay that’s great to know, you’ve definitely helped my knowledge on this so thanks heaps for that man!! :sunglasses::v::v:

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@Myfriendis410, I just got confused reading over in the photos that Riley_ss posted in his pictures up above, do I need different PPM’s for different stages of growth? Eg, from seedling to flowing. Thanks man!