PPM EC meter and nutrients

Hello guys I have some questions on using a Pom ec meter. I purchased one from health metric. It’s green and does temp ppm and ec. Looking at charts it seems the recommended ppm for seedlings is between 2 and 500.

I am using the sensi grow perfect ph. I am using it per instructions which I think is 2 ml per liter (I dk t have the bottle in front of me )

I am using distilled water and I am growing in a 15 gallon or I think it’s 15 gallon toat. I added 12 gallons and the amount of nutrients on the bottle.

The ppm is 3000 and the us/cm reading is nearly 6000 and I have not multiplied it by .09 yet. Does anyone else use this meter that can give me a little guidance on this? Here is the exact model I am using

[My meter click here](TDS Meter Digital Water Tester -… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V7YZX81?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share)

Your ec is 6.0 which is 2x higher than I’d be in mid flower.

Easiest way to convert is take your ppm and divide by 500. Or just move the decimal place on EC three spots to the left