Ppm confusion, help

When mixing my fert solution, 2 tsp of tiger bloom and 3 tsp of big bloom to one gallon of RO(ppm=2) I get a ppm reading of 480. This isnt even close to the feeding schedules ppm range of 1610-1890.

Whats the deal with this? Which should I pay attention to? My meter uses a 500 scale if that helps.

You’re missing grow big and all the other supplements fox farm has. Ppm seems correct big bloom doesn’t really raise it.

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Its called Fox Farms Dirty Dozen. Plus Kelp Me, Kelp You and Wholly Mackerel. If you use this line, you will be closer to the target PPM that is on the Fox Farms Feeding Schedule.

You will be able to follow this entire line real soon. Going to be using it from start to finish.

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Good grief! Guess I should have read the entire scheduled. Big dummy that I am.

That makes perfect sense, thanks guys.

Also…Fox Farms also has different soils which uses different nutrients of theirs. I know Rasta, FFOF, and Happy Frog. So it matters which soil you are using.

Also, fox farms schedule is on 700 scale so even if you were using the whole line up your meter would still be coming up short. This schedule is adjusted to 500 scale

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The ppm is based on the trio of Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom, plus the solubles of Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching. It does NOT include the Bush Doctor stuff in the orange section.

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